Eyes stay in head

I’m tired. I know, that seems to be my mantra lately, but it’s true. I am just focusing on keeping my eyeballs in my head. Oh well.

I am stuck doing incredibly boring filing for one of the guys here at work. He keeps every scrap of paper, and it’s so frustrating, because his files tend to just keep growing, and they are dusty and messy. I have no desire to prune them, or to kleep them up… so I am stuck with big, messy, dusty files. Oh well.

I really like that song “Leap of Innocence” by Liz Phair. She’s quite the girl. I used to really like “Why Can’t I”… but I just can’t seem to enjoy it any more.

I’ve received many many compliments on my suit. I guess it is pretty nice! Ha ha ha. I’d like to go back and get the pants that go with it, to wear at work, or whatever. I should go see how much they are. The skirt was only $18, so I would imagine that the pants won’t be more than $25. Iff that’s the case, though… maybe I can get a different jacket too (buy the jacket, get the pants/skirt for free). It’s only $25 more dollars. Hmmmm… I’ll have to think about it. They had some pretty cute jackets (and I lurve my jackets).

I feel like I’m babbling about nothing. Do you feel like you’re reading nothing? *sigh*

Well, I’ve got nothing else. I’m at about chapter 4 or so in Dusk, which is a futuristic fantasy. For some reason, it makes me want to call it scifi, but it doesn’t really fit that category either. From what I know now, the Red Monk came and destroyed a village looking for one young man. The young man escaped, and has now met a witch who will hide him. Apparently, magic had died out in the world, but it is coming back now. It’s like something huge and horrible happened that made our society revert back to village life (agriculture based society). It is interesting, however not gripping at this point. Pretty brutal already, though. Not for the weak of stomach. Mr. Lebbon is a Bram Stoker Award-winning writer, so we’ll see how it pans out.