Coffee is my Friend

We didn’t go out to our Mary Kay Chocolate Affair last night. Rob and I were so tired, I just couldn’t bring myself to put on my happy face and my nylons. I just wanted to wear jeans and a t-shirt and have a night off. I did just that. We went shopping, in jeans and t-shirts, with no makeup on (har har har). I bought a lovely black skirt-suit that I can wear to work, and to Mary Kay stuff. I quite like it, and it was a steal at $50. I found a beautiful pink suit, but unfortunately that was the only colour it was available in… and the suit has to be black by MK standards.

I’m a little sad that we didn’t go to the event, but I’m ok with it at the same time… there are only so many nights that I can be busy a week… and that would have been every night this week. I needed a break, so I took it.

I sold a couple more kits today, so I’m pretty happy. I’ll be going to the bank again tonight! I love this stuff!

Ok, I think that’s it. Time to get more work done! 🙂