Yadda Yadda Yadda

I had a really good night last night. I ended up having five ladies over for my first Mary Kay Skin Care class. It went pretty well, and I’m glad that it was my family and close friends, because I screwed up a lot! But we laughed and had fun. My sister made fun of me most of the night, but at the end of the night, she was the one that loved what she heard the most! The night runs like this: the women come in and fill out the front side of their customer profile. This allows me to get to know them a bit better, plus it tells me what their skin care is like so I can put the appropriate product on their trays. Once they’re done that, I lead them through the Satin Hands treatment. Now that their hands are nice and clean, and I’ve loaded their trays, we all go back to our spots and start the skin care routine. This starts with the three in one cleanser, then moisturizer and foundation at the last. After this the ladies chose what colours they would like to try for their glamour application. A few of them asked me what colours I thought that they should try, so we picked out some. The funniest was Nicole. I had picked a colour card that had blue eyeshadow on it. Now remember that this isn’t blue eyeshadow ala the 80’s. You’re only supposed to use a little spot of it, and it’s just to draw a little attention to the eyes. Well, it went on sooooo dark that we all had a really good laugh about it. After she smudged it around a bit, and went back over it with the lightest eye colour (I often do this, to blend the colours plus to soften the overall effect) it actually looked quite striking. The other person who had quite a transformation was Tina. She is a blond haired, blue eyed beauty, but her eyes often get lost in her face. She applied some purple eyeshadow, and I couldn’t believe the difference! It was so neat to see how the ladies changed, and even how they felt seemed to change.

I sent my sister Jenn home with some literature about becoming a Mary Kay consultant. She’ll be such a great team member if she decides to join us. She loves make up, has a great personality, and is a real go getter. Even though she is busy with two kids, it doesn’t take that much time to be successful – A few hours each week. I’m taking her to our dessert and makeover evening so she can see how much fun we (as a sales force) have. I’m so excited! I’m also going to invite one of the ladies from work to the makeover, and hopefully she will love the product too.

I sold $60 worth of product. It might seem like very much, but I am so thrilled that I made my first sale! I am so excited, I just can’t stop beaming. It doesn’t matter that I went to bed after 12:30 last night! I’m still ecstatic!

Foo and Hana, I would love to share the Mary Kay opportunity with you if you are interested (Hana, you already said you would, ha ha ha! You’re stuck!). It is such a great way to spend a couple of hours a week, with instant friends, miles of personal growth (just look at me, where I was a month ago!), extra money, and the best part is that you keep your own hours. You can be home for your families, whenever you want.

Just one more thing: My own personal growth. I know that most people here know what happened to Rob and I, almost two months ago (it’s hard to believe that it’s been that long!). While I may not have gone in to as much detail as there was, on that Sunday night that I thought that Rob and I were getting divorced forever, I wanted to do nothing but drown myself in the bathtub. I was pretty close to actually doing it, but decided that I would phoen my sister Jenn, and talk to her first. I didn’t want to die and have no one know why. As some of you know, we had a half hour yelling match about what was going on with Rob (unknown to me at the time, Jenn’s husband was on the phone with Rob, telling him that he was doing the wrong thing, that Hesikiah [spelling?] had taken back his harlot wife again and again, and that he had no right to divorce me over this). Well, Jenn completely kicked my ass, and helped me to realize that I really DO want a relationship with Rob. I was not ready to leave this relationship, plus I had not “earned” my way out of our marriage — I hadn’t done everything in my power to deserve to walk away. So dripping wet and naked, I went down to tell Rob that I didn’t want to get a divorce, and obviously, we didn’t. While our lives since then have been a little bit emotional and a bit of a rollercoaster, things have improved more than I thought possible. One of the things that has happened, is that I joined Mary Kay. I had known about the opportunity before we had nearly ended it, but I was putting off my decision. So in the beginning of March, I signed up. I started to attend our weekly success meetings, and I had a blast. I have something to look forward to, every week. Even if I’ve had a horrible week, I know that I can go and be with other happy women and just unwind, a great way to start my weekend!! Rob has said to me several times “I love it when you come home from you’re meetings! You’re so happy!” As many of you know, I am under treatment for depression, and for me to excited about anything… well, it takes a lot. So for me to come home singing and smiling and just in a really good mood – well, it’s a huge difference. I know that Mary Kay has helped me change for the better. It’s given me something to be excited about, something to look forward to, and something to focus on. I think the best compliment I received last night was from my sister Jenn. While she was super surprised when I told her that I was planning on giving my MAC products away (the only make up I used to use), the one thing that she said (jokingly, but still kind of serious) was “Who are you, and what have you done with my sister?”

That is how Mary Kay changed my life.