*smacks head*

Why are you so dumb, Kait? You knew that following that link and reading that blog would just make you sad and upset!!! You were doing so well!!! For the love of God, get it together, woman! You don’t need that anymore! You have such wonderful things in your life, and you’ve bounced back so well. Don’t do these things that give you little set backs, it’s just not fair to yourself, to Rob and to your friends. Don’t be such a moron.

You KNOW that part of your life is over. It doesn’t help you to relive it and stir up those feelings that were finally settling down. Besides, you know that he needs to move on (you didn’t make contact, but reading about it is just as bad for you), and you don’t want to be around for that – you always knew that!

Just stay away from it all. You know that you’re only hurting yourself, your relationship with Rob and your progress.

Keep thinking pink. Think about your new kitten. Think about your scrapbooking. Don’t think about the Leafs. Don’t think about the Toronto Meet (you know you’re not going, no matter what). Just stop thinking.