Mar mar mar

Here’s a quick update (again, I know).

We’ve had Nybbles for a week now. She and Tych get along great, and they’ve started to lick each other and snuggle. We’re very glad that they’re getting along, even though they do scrap sometimes and bite each other (not too hard, though). Nybs tends to keep us up at night, but is sooo cuddley when she settles down. Her spots are starting to darken up, and she’s becoming a real beauty. Everyone who sees her is totally taken in by her.

We’ve had about a foot of snow this weekend – winter came all at once this year… and that foot of snow was on top of the other foot from about a week and a half ago. Lots of snow for snowmen and stuff. It looks pretty, but it’s hell to drive in.

I’m reading Miracles Happen by Mary Kay Ash right now. It’s a pretty encouraging book, as it tells her story of how she had to work so many hours to support her family after her husband left her. It’s pretty encouraging to hear what she has to say, and what she’s learned. I like to know the “why” of things, so I now understand why Mary Kay got started, and I feel like I know the founder of my latest venture quite a bit better. While I will never get to meet this graceful lady (until heaven, anyway) in person, I feel like I’ve been granted insight into her soul.