House Keeping

Ok, a quick run down of what’s been up

~ Received my Mary Kay kit, and I looooove it. I now have to figure out how to get GST back on the stuff that I use for me.
~ Can’t seem to find where to order business cards online from MK. Really frustrating, but I’ll ask Karen tonight
~ I get the Mary Kay Ash book tonight, so that will be my next book to read. I have to finish it by the end of the month. I also need to order my Debut post cards.
~ I really need another black skirt, but we don’t really have any money for clothes right now. What I would LOVE to get is a pant suit with a matching skirt, preferably in black. I also need to get my newest suit tailored, as it is far too baggy in the bum (it was “ok” when I got it, but now it is too big… the size smaller was tooooo small).
~ Some mornings I love coffee as much as I love Rob
~ My period is late by about three days. I’m not worried yet, so you shouldn’t be either. Well, we did have sex while I was taking anti-biotics, so we’ll see. If there’s still nothing by the end of the week, I’ll pee on a stick (a + would not be a happy moment for us right now!)
~ Work has been very busy, but this makes me VERY happy, because I’m not bored, and I can put off my filing!
~ I love my youth group. I just thought I would note that again, in case anyone forgot.
~ My skirt keeps sticking to my nylons when I walk, even though I sprayed it with that static guard stuff this morning. *sigh*
~ I tried out a new colour combo of makeup this morning, and I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. I’m not sure that I have the blending technique down pat yet.
~ I am seriously loving this book that I am reading. Hana, I’ll definitely lend it to you when you guys come up for easter (dooooo it! doooo it!). I really recommend finding a copy (even ordering it from Ian O’Neill, directions on his website). Stinking hilarious!

Mmmm… best coffee ever!