New Kitty = Tired

If anyone has been missing me from anything internet related, it’s because I’m freaking exhausted. Apparently, I sleepy no good. Especially if I am sharing my bed with a hyper kitty. *sigh* Oh well. The two cats are starting to get along better. Hopefully Rob is done with rebuilding our computer, and I can upload some of them tonight. Will try, but no promises.

Ordered a bunch of NON-FICTION books from Chapters yesterday. Carolyn would be proud of me. I got Relationship Rescue by Dr. Phil and the associated work books (one for me, one for Rob, we’ve been using relationship material for our “devotions”), Then the Ultimate weightloss book, food guide and recipe book, plus a weight watchers cookbook, and a book by Robert Reeves (I believe) who is the professional trainer that Dr. Phil uses, and he just put out a new book. For all the health related books, my work pays for them (bruhaha!), and the other ones we pay for.

I have been reading Afterlife by Ian O’Neill. It’s a great book so far, I’m about 200 pages in, and can’t put it down. It’s not earth-shattering, suspense driven, can’t put it down, rather it is far too amusing to put down! I love the characters and the writing style. I’ll definitely pick up more by Ian. View it here on

The day of doom has passed, and I don’t feel so horrid about it now. Maybe I’ll learn to embrace it soon?

Leena? Still coming to visit Edmonton? I’ll play Settlers of Catan with you!!!

I get to pick up my new Mary Kay kit tonight. It’s going to be like christmas for me. *sigh* Hurrah!