oh yeah

More crazy dreams last night, only this time about our house (which was a different house). There was a hole in one of our screens, and cats kept sneaking in, and my brother Jason kept having to kill them for whatever reason, until I thought to shut the window (thus stopping the cats from coming through the screen. Also, the drain in basement kept backing up with sewage and other gross stuff, and it would spray out everytime some one flushed the toilet… then the home builder told us that an apprentice did the whole plumbing system in our house, and that’s why it wasn’t working. Soooooo gross. There were a lot of people in my dream, and I’m not sure why.

I also dreamed about being in highschool, and having teachers who loved me (not in a wholesome teacher-student kind of way).

Apparently, Nicole went to school with Esther Bloomer! EB was a girl that was a grade below me in school, and she went to SCA too. Apparently, Ken Badley (a teacher that I had at SCA) taught at NABC while Nicole was there, and she and EB were talking one day, and EB mentioned that she knew KB too!