Don’t worry, he’s not dead. But he is really sick. Mina and him got married, in the hospital place they were at. Poor Lucy, she’s not doing well, though.

Sorry, just felt you might like an update on my book.

I bought a new thermos last night, from ikea. It’s one of those cute flask ones, and it was only $7.00. Good deal! I got one for me, and one for Rob, who tends to spill his coffee. So far, it has kept my coffee almost undrinkably hot for an hour. Whoo! Good investment, I say!

Although I am sure that by the end of the day I will have consumed far too much coffee, as mom brought me a Timmies this morning. I did have Timmies last night, too! What is going on! :-p

I picked up a bookshelf flyer while at Ikea last night, so hopefully we’re going to start getting that soon. Even if we get one bookcase at a time, I’ll be pretty happy. I just want to start getting them off the mantle, off the ledge above the closet, out of the boxes down stairs *laughs* and where ever else in the house that they are! Nicole also found a nice bedroom set that she really likes, so the plan is to take Curtis there sometime and show him. I don’t think that there was anything overly interesting to me, besides the thermos.

We talked about our Anaheim trip (in July/August), and how she felt guilty about having the church pay for our sight seeing. I think that I helped her see that it’s ok – after all, we’re practically babysitting 24/7, INCLUDING while we are at Disneyland. I don’t think that it’s too much to accept their payment of our passes. I still want to pick up 4 long-range walkie-talkies, so the leaders can talk to each other. Mental note: Bring this up to Nicole.

I get my pin tonight! *dances around* I’m very excited, and I’ve picked out my outfit – black skirt with tights, white dress/country shirt with pink design, pink jacket. I feel kind of dumb with the pink theme, but when in Rome… at least the first time. Now I just have to work up the nerve to ask someone to take a picture while I get pinned! 🙂 Scrapbooker at heart!

All right – get to work, Kait!