Yep yep yep

It has snowed at least a foot since we came home from work yesterday. Yikes! Rob is currently digging the car out, poor guy. I am not looking forward to driving to Leduc this morning. Hopefully I don’t get stuck anywhere! I opened the back door (it swings in), and there is a full foot of snow on our back deck. I can’t believe it!

I finished the Rising yesterday, and took a large chunk out of Tailchaser’s Song. I probably have about 15 minutes of reading that one left, so I’ve put it down on my Books I’ve Read entry as done. It’s actually quite good, now that I’m nearing the end. I don’t know that I would read it over and over, but I enjoyed it enough that I will keep it in my collection, and recommend it to my kids (when I have them).

I gave up trying to find time to get into Ritualistics and used plyers to open my nose hoop (the bead had come out and it’s so tiny that I couldn’t get it back in). I put my red nose screw back in, but it’s so long that I am going to go to southgate tonight and get an L shaped one. Less stuff in my nose = happy me.

Anyway, I’ve got to drive on a very scarey highway to go to Leduc today, so I should leave now.