New Book Club

I signed up at to participate in their fantasy book club. Only, I can’t get the book for March. I can order it from, but it’s $18 AMERICAN!!! After I pay the exchange on that, it will be a stupidly expensive book that I refuse to buy. I don’t mind outlaying that kind of money on a book that I like, but I haven’t even read this one (and it might suck mightily!). I’m just finding it particularily frustrating right now. I’ll look around our used bookstores, but I doubt I’ll find it – Chapters doesn’t even recognize the ISBN. Oh, did I mention that it’s for a paperback? I am not paying $30 (at least) for a paperback (Ok, I paid that much for The Infernal, but I KNOW I love that book).

I can get the April book, though. That will be no problem.