Oh yeah, Hanna, if you are bored one day… can you email me all of my books that you have so I can add them to my database? I know some of them (like the Rachel Morgan Series), but I forget which you have of others. And, don’t forget, that I wanted to trade you my copy of Bitten for your copy of Bitten.

I did not win with my Roll up the Rim to Win coffee cup this morning.

I just ordered Beyond the Shroud. I’m very excited – I had borrowed this book from someone a long time ago, read it, and loved it, and couldn’t ever find it in the bookstore. The best part is that I got the hardcover for only $14.00, including shipping! It’s an excellent price, and it’s supposed to be a new book, never read, in perfect condition. I hope that everything is lovely with it. It’s about a guy who has died, and how he haunts earth until he finds his daughter (who is also dead) so they can leave together (I forget all the specifics). It has funny parts and touching parts, and scarey parts. A great book in general.