Stuff and Junk

I fell asleep with the worst headache ever last night. I thought that I would certainly wake up with a migrane, but I woke up pretty pain-free (well, in my head anyway). I was glad about that!

I got my new dress for the wedding – the purple and brown one. It’s lovely, and I found purple shoes to go with, and a brown purse. Now we just have to find Rob a matching tie, and we’re set for the wedding! Whoo hoo! Oh, and the wedding gift, as well as the Sheet Music book… but no matter!

I currently have my mittens on my feet, to warm them up. I’ve officially lost my mind! 🙂

Nothing much else new to report. Ummmm… Yeah, that’s it.

Oh yeah, Sean picked me up some Terry Pratchett books (still waiting for the first one, though), and I heard that Micah by LKH is out now. Not sure if I really want that one, but being a completist, I should probably pick it up. It won’t be high on my TBR pile, though. (reminder: Make a list of everything that is still to be read!)

Hope I get my money soon!