We went swimming with our church today. So much fun! Except for the rope swing, which swings you on to a giant floating island. Theoretically – very fun. Except for me who kept crashing into the island rather than landing on it. Now, I can hardly move my head and I think I might have whiplash. I think that I’m going to take a muscle-relaxant even though I’m not really supposed to. I am not going to be able to move tomorrow if I don’t. Craptastic!!!

I was supposed to phone Hanna today, except that we got home late, so I wasn’t able to. I’ll have to call her tomorrow. Apparently, I am crap at calling when I say I will.

Went bowling earlier today with Dad and family. I am the crappiest bowler of all times. I don’t think I broke a score of 50, either game (5 pin bowling). Yeah, I’m just that good.

Sean bought me some books the other day! Yay! Terry Pratchett books, which I think are being discontinued (in the cover style that I want, anyway). *sigh* I just hope that I can find them all how I want them, though. I know I can buy them used online, so I may end up starting to do that if I can’t get them from used bookstores. I want the whole series, but I don’t want to buy it all new… There’s thirty some odd books in the series, and to buy them all new would cost around $300. Oh well. I’ll make due, I am sure.

Well, time for devotions. Oooh wait! I had some freaky dreams last night. One was where were were trying to get from the south side of the river to the north (where my apartment was in my dream), and the high level bridge was gone, and the low level bridge was unusable (as it actually is right now – construction). So we ran across the river on the LRT track! EEEk! Anyway, we ended up getting in trouble (I talked my way out of it), but Rob got taken off to jail for the day. When he came back, his arms were covered in writing, girls names and phone numbers. I was so mad! Then he started smoking, and naturally, I stole the cigarettes from him and smoked them myself! And he had pot, too, and I also smoked that. Then we started walking again, and were arguing about the girls’ phone numbers. Another dream was where we were talking about going to Hawaii, and how we weren’t going, but Shawn and Tricia were supposed to take our places, and I wanted to go, but Rob’s parents wouldn’t let us trade back. Then I left the room we were having dinner in (I didn’t eat because I was upset), and went out on to the deck which was on the ocean. Some guy gave me a long pointy stick, and told me to poke the fish with it. So I did, and I caught a fish on my stick, and when I pulled it off, it became a hotdog in a bun with everything I like on it. When Lorna came outside and asked me where I got it, I refused to tell her. Weird, eh? Before those two dreams, I had another dream. I don’t remember what it was, except that I was exceptionally frustrated, and actually yelled something out in my sleep. I don’t remember what it was that I said, but Rob heard it and woke up. He talked to me (I was awake enough to know that he was talking), but I didn’t answer him back (wasn’t that awake). But I thought that if I rolled over I would go back to sleep again and have a different dream. Oh! I think that dream was about swimming. We were swimming and doing this videogame kind of obstacle course. I climbed up this really high thing, and went off a very scary waterfall, then found out that I had to do it again, and refused. I think Rob wanted me to do it again, but I didn’t want to. I am not sure if this is the dream where I yelled out, but it was another dream that I had this morning.

After I woke up, I was mad at Rob, and very upset about us not getting to go to Hawaii. I hate it how dreams can totally affect my mood when I wake up. *sigh*