Too much reading

Today I bring you tales of Zombies! In fact, my crazy zombie kidney! Specifically, the left one. Yesterday afternoon it started to ache. It didn’t hurt too substantially, but there was pain. Low pain. By the time that 11:30 came around, I was convinced that it was trying to leave my body, so we went to emergency. While sitting around waiting to be given a bed (for about three hours), I made up stories about how my kidney had razor sharp teeth and claws and it was a zombie, eating it’s way out of my body. Rob thought I kept talking about how I had a zombie “kitty” trying to eat it’s way out of my body, but he wasn’t really helping. They made me pee in a cup (whoo!), and then I was admitted to a bed where I got to wear a cool hospital gown. Rob thought I looked hot in the gown. Weirdo. Anyway, I think they took my blood pressure, temperature and heart rate at least 4 or 5 times in my 5 hour stay. Crazy. The doctor saw me, and gave me an anti-biotic (assuming it’s a UTI), and a pain killer which seemed to make me feel a little bit better. I layed around and dozed, while Rob played the game boy. I did get to hear about a guy with swollen testicles, a stripper with apendicitise, a baby with croup, and a wino (who didn’t speak loud enough for me to hear what was going on). I have to say that I had some good giggles over the testical guy, and the strippers mom getting mad at her for cussing so crudely where kids could hear her.

Other than that, I’ve now got 3 different pills to take during the day, one that turns my pee bright freaking orange. Hilarious.

Um… really enjoyed Grey’s Anatomy this week, as well as House. Carolyn, the thing on House didn’t surprise me all that much, Grey’s Anatomy had a similar thing about a month ago. Gross about the sex though.

And, I think that is all!