Kleenex Hates Me

I have a cold. And quite possibly, a urinary track infection. I shall know more in a few days, presently, don’t feel like peeing in a cup for anyone.

*tired* I am not sleeping well due to cold. And the fact that I cannot take the cold meds that I want to because they conflict with the anti-depressant meds.

On a lighter note, my butt muscles hurt, in a good way 😉 Was that too much information? Probably. Am I going to share it anyway? Of course!!!

Hanna is going to set me up with some of her friends that moved to Edmonton. Yay friends!

My advice of the day is this: Rose petals in the bath tub are a very good idea. Have sex on top of rose petals on your bed is a VERY BAD IDEA!!!! Unless your bedding is black, then it would be ok. I have huge, horrible stains on my bedding now, which I have to take to the drycleaners to see if they can remove it. I have some other stuff to take there, but hopefully they can help me. :scared: I’m worried that we’ll have to replace our very expensive duvet cover. Drat!

Hmmmm… I think that’s all I’ve got today. So that’s all you get!!! Ha ha ha!

Man, I have to get back to reading. I’m weeks behind!