Blue Pencil Lead

For everyone who still reads this:

Don’t worry, I am not dead. Neither have Rob and I seperated. Oh? You didn’t know about that? Yeah, it’s been a pretty bad week or two. We have an appointment with a counsellor for March 1, who will see both of us together, then I will be seeing her individually as well (because I’m crazy!!!).

I had to quit Kelley Armstrong 😦 Some stuff happened there that really added to Rob and I’s problems, so I’ve given it up. 😦 It makes me very sad, and really breaks my heart, but there is nothing that I can do about it. *sigh* So… anyone from there that comes here – you can get my email address from Foo or from Greatpaints. I’d still love to stay in contact with you, plus, if you look at any of my posts, I have msn, and you’re welcome to bug me there.

Other than that… I’m fine.