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I am SUCH a fan girl. This is what I did tonight (taken from my post on the Kelley Armstrong message board). I went to George RR Martin’s book signing!!!

All right then, I am back! And I’m a bragger! I had so much fun, and got all 6 books signed, only 3 inscribed though (Sir Robin had three, and I had three, which worked out marvelously because he was only signing 3 per person, unless you went in line again, then you could have another three done). It was so fabulous!

First, we had to stand in line for a while. See, we got there at 6 pm, and the signing started at 7. It was a good job that we got there early, as we were fairly close to the beginning of the line. We stood around chatting, and reading. Sir Robin played my gamboy micro, and I started A Great and Terrible Beauty (book club book). The people behind us were very nice, and I wanted to discuss the point about no one but Jamie remembering that winter is coming, but his girlfriend/wife/whoever hadn’t read it yet, so I didn’t want to ruin it for her.

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He gave a talk for a little while, about his tours, and funny stories from that. Then he addressed why the book was so late, and the process of how he chose to break A Feast up. After that, it was open for questions. The first guy asked if Theon Greyjoy was still alive, and Mr. Martin refused to answer – Awesome!!! I hate it when people ask authors to give away future plotlines. Maybe I’m just one of those people that would rather wait for surprises, but it bothered me that someone would ask. Tyrion is his favorite character to write (and one of my favorites to read!). He said that Bran was the hardest to write, because he’s the youngest. I’m assuming he meant narrator, as Rickton is the youngest child. There were some other general writing questions which didn’t really interest me, and you can find them on his website anyway. I wanted to ask about the absence of Winter is Coming, but didn’t want to talk about what happens in a Feast for those who hadn’t read it yet. Oh yeah, and he compared Edmonton to the North, and how we should build a giant wall of ice 🙂

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Next was the signing! It went pretty quickly, and I was so excited! I definitely descended into fangirl territory!! Sir Robin had the books that he was carrying signed, and they made very little small talk, as Sir Robin has not read the books (not for lack of trying on my part… but can you imagine that I married a man who doesn’t like to read??). I then got to the table and he said hello and I said hi, then he started signing and said thanks for coming out, and I then babbled about how we were going to drive to Seattle to see him, but our plans fell through (he was surprised that we would have travelled so far! ), then I told him that these were my favorite books ever and that this signing is all I’ve been talking about for WEEKS. He laughed and said thanks very much and all that good stuff. Then Sir Robin took our picture! Here it is:

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I’m aware, thank you, that I’m grinning like an idiot. I’m also aware that my eyes are open far too wide, making me look scared and startled. But it’s a picture of me and George RR Martin, and you don’t have one, so foo on you!!! Sorry, I’m still a little hyper.

Then I bought Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman, because the bookstore had the signed copy there. I know I wasn’t going to, but I just couldn’t resist. Oh well, I hope it’s good, and worth my $40!!!

I can’t be arsed to write a new account, so you get the recycled one. Anyway, I’m off to make lunches and then go to bed. I’m pooped.

Oh yeah, on my walk today at lunch, I did 5 sets of 20 walking lunges. I just have to say, that I am barely walking now! I tried to show someone after lunch what a walking lunge was, and I fell over. Apparently, 5 sets is too much 😛