alarm alarm alarm

I weighed in today. I’m 153 pounds. I feel ok about that (actually, pretty good), but I’m concerned that when I weigh next week that the number will go up or something. 😦 I always worry that it’s just water weight or something. My weight is never reliable. Oh, I miss the days where I was 135 all the freaking time! Arg.

I had Banzai today, but I skipped the rice, and just ate the meats and veggies (yum!). It wasn’t the best choice, but better for me than subway (which is not bad, but I hate brown bread and white bread isn’t all that good for you). It was much easier to skip the huge portion of rice and just eat the good for me things. Did you know they give you a salad when you order a bento box? Weird. Then we went and Rob had a pastry and I had a coffee (skim milk, sweetener) from Second Cup, and Rob wouldn’t buy me a new travel mug (booo!). Oh well.

Yesterday eating was fine except for dinner which was a total bust. We went to Rob’s folks, and they serve weirdly porportioned meals. Tons of meat and potatoes, only a little bit of veggies. I follow a plate diagram – half the plate needs to be veggies, 1/4 meat and 1/4 carbs (potatoes, rice, etc.). So I had a couple of cabbage rolls (rice) a bit of patatoes, 2 pieces of meatloaf (oops… I had meatloaf for dessert! It was so good!), some corn and coleslaw. Then I had a small piece of poppyseed cake at the end (it’s not all that indulgent, but not really good for me either). *sigh* It was a big horrible meal that left me feeling like total crap.

However, I did go to the gym yesterday, and got a good workout in. I’ve been focusing on my abs, as per my massage therapist’s suggestion (to help my back), with a minor focus on my back as well, to strengthen the muscles again after my accident. She says that I shouldn’t be trying to gain any muscle on my arse, as it’s big enough already! Ha ha ha, she wasn’t being mean, but most bums are over developed anyway. Plus, I want to have a strong abdominal wall so my muscles don’t seperate too much when I finally am preggers.

Ok, I should go and have something to eat before we go off to our youth group meeting tonight.