Anger and Wrath

Seriously, never buy anything from Coast Wholesale Applicances. At least not their Edmonton location. First, they deliver me a brand new fridge with a large dent in it. Then, I have that replace, and the fridge they give me is covered in scratches and dents. THEN!!! they decide that our fridge is no longer available, and would I like the next model down. Um no. If you can’t get me a product that I’ve specifically paid for and asked for, then you get me the next model up, you dolts!!! Finally, our dishwasher has exploded and could have possibly ruined our hardwood floor under the dishwasher. They almost refused to replace it, telling us that we had to go through warranty. I’m sorry, but if my brand freaking new dishwasher does not work and leaks all over my floor, then you WILL replace it, not send me to warranty. It looks like they are going to replace it after all, if they can schedule a time with a plumber. This makes me so cranky. I would never ever ever buy anything from Coast Wholesale Appliances again. I would never ever recommend them to my friends. I can’t believe the hassle we’ve had to go through with this!