Stuff and Junk


Movers booked
Utilities (most of them) set up
Some furniture shopping
Financy stuff started
Security system move booked
Walk through set up

To do:

Give notice and book final inspection upon move out
Set up postal service/some utilities
Order furniture, blinds
Buy Tych some fun new furniture to distract him from our new furniture
Register move with Post office
Finish financial stuff

*sigh* Moving into a house you own is hard work! But, it’s nice to see the house coming along too. Apparently, we’re to have our hardwood installed today. Goodie for us! So, paint is done, doors installed, cabinets and counter done, vinyl flooring done, and now it’s finishing plumbing, finishing electrical, hardware, carpet and touch ups left. Whoo!

Smoke (Jason’s cat) comes to stay with us for a week or two tonight. 🙂 I’m pretty pumped, actually. I like having lots of cats around!

Tricia and Shawn had their baby last week, on the 22nd, a little boy named Joshua Robert. He was 6 pounds 12 ounces, and was 3 weeks early. He was breech when she went for her exam, so the doctor issued a C-section for that day instead of taking the chance of going into labour and having problems. Apparently, just before the surgury, Tricia’s water broke anyway, so regardless, Josh would have been born that day anyway. Oh, and she still has a bit of a tummy, so don’t you worry, Carolyn!

Jenn’s still waiting, and hopes that the baby will be coming along soon, as she’s starting to feel too big and uncomfortable. She’s a good size, this time. From the back she hardly looks pregnant, so I think that’s a good size.

Hanna, George RR Martin is coming up January 12. If you guys are back in the country, you’re welcome to come and stay with us, and have your books signed. If not, make sure that you get them to us before then! I think I’ll have my second set signed too, and send them to one of the girls from Kelley Armstrong‘s board.

Rob’s finally back from Mexico, and hopefully won’t be going any where for a while. He officially hates Mexico and would rather not go back there, unless it’s to a resort! I don’t blame him, either.

Almost all my Christmas shopping is done, finally! I can’t believe how ahead of myself I am!!