I went to Gaia today, and the topics in the Extended Discussion forum have not changed. Oh, sure, they have different titles, but seriously, the same crap all over again. I knew there was a reason why I didn’t go there anymore!

So, life in general sucks. Rob’s still in Colombia, he was supposed to come home on Sunday, then Wednesday, now it’s Saturday. By the time the weekend comes, he’ll have been gone for four weeks. Sucks ass. Other than that, I’m miserable, cranky and sore. I think I hurt my calf muscle, not just “ow, that was a hard step class, what were you thinking crazy lady” but more along the line of “ummmm… How about you not walk, ok? Ok.” I don’t know if I should go to the gym tomorrow or not.

I’ve been a tabulas user for over two years now. I know, it’s shocking. Huh. Two years ago right now, I was dating/breaking up with the Kevster. Crazy times, crazy times. Sad that I was having more sex back then compared to right now! :-p I’m sure it has something to do with Rob not being home for almost two months!!!

We have drywall in our house now, finally. They’re supposed to be doing the taping this week, which hopefully means the ceiling next week. I have high hopes! Rob has the digital camera, so I had to take film pictures, and they’re on mom’s camera. Note to self: Harrass her until she gets her film developed.

I had a 1/3 of a box of viva puffs for dinner, and I washed it down with chocolate milk and a cheese string. Can someone please remind me why I’m not losing weight? Ooooh… let me weigh right now… Hey, I’m actually 148!! I’m usually 150. Chances are that I will be 150 tomorrow, but I will rejoice in my happiness tonight.

We had mold in the bathroom. It was growing on these cheap pressboard cabinets that I had in there, so I threw them out, and bought plastic drawer things. Much better, no mold!

It has been really good for sales, lately. I have bought Rob a ton of shirts for $10 or less each! Go me.

Anyway, it’s far past my bedtime, and I have to go soak my nose in camomile tea before I hit the hay. It’s supposed to reduce the bump around my nose ring. I think it’s working, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Did you see the Gilmore Girls this week? Very good, eh?