green light

Ok, we went to the house last Sunday, and took some pictures, but I will have to upload them when I can. Oops… forgot to take an outside picture – Guess I’m fired!!! Basically, they put on the shingles, put in the electrical stuff, and did the plumbing rough-ins. Next, our security guy has to run his wires, then the insulation and vapour barrier gets put in. After that it’s drywall, taping and mudding. Whoo!

Rob’s in Colombia, and he’s safe, so all is well. I get to talk to him every day. Only 11 more days until he comes home 🙂 Carolyn, I can’t imagine how lonely/bored you must have been/are in Kamloops without Marky Mark. At least I still have my normal life to go about! Plus, I do have my kitty to cuddle.

Rob made a snap decision about something that I had wanted the other day. I was impressed!!! He never makes snap decisions! Anyway, this thing won’t be happening for a few months yet, and it’s supposed to be a surprise, but there you go.

We were supposed to go to Dan and Laura’s reception on Friday, only we thought it was Saturday, so we got all dressed and fancied up, went to the church to find no one there 😦 Oh well. We dropped their gift off at their place and ran away because we were embarrassed. But we got to go to the Fringe with Tricia and Shawn instead, and that was super fun. We met up with Rob’s cousins Mike and Erin (boy, is she ready to have that baby any day!), and they gave us free ice cream (they have an ice cream stand). I had Kaluah Fudge, and Rob had Root Beer Float. Both were quite good. We also saw a guy with a Bengal cat! They are soooooo nice! I love them forever! See pictures here. They’re so beautiful and slightly wild!

Also last Saturday, I had my first Close To My Heart party, which was fun. We did pretty well, sales wise, so Jenn got some swanky free stuff. I’m waiting for another order to come in from Simone, then we’ll know about how much Jenn made. I’ve had a problem, though, some people ordered the My Creations stuff, and the stupid CTMH people discontinued it without telling any one *angry face*. Apparently, there might be some available at the end of August, and now I have to wait until then to submit my order. I’m pretty choked.

Anyway, Caroleeeeeeeeena, I am glad to hear that you are safe, and that your man will be joining you soon.