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All right… My last week has been… well, interesting. I made a skirt. It’s a fairy ballerina who got confused and decided to become gothic kind of skirt. It’s cute. See?
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Other than that, I started Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on the Gamecube. It took me forever to win my duelling match with Malfoy, but I finally did it *glows* I felt good after I beat him.

Being the last week in July, work was pretty quiet – lots of people on vacation. Plus, Cherril is gone this week, so hopefully this week might pick up a bit.

Didn’t see Jenn at all this week – too bad.

Hanna and Craig came up for the long weekend, though, and that was fabulous! Yay for us. Hanna and I went used bookstore shopping and picked up a few books. Quite happy with that. I’ve never done that before, I’ve always picked up books brand new. I kind of like the idea of going to the used bookstores, just because some books I don’t want to buy new. I will still be buying a lot from Chapters, because either you just can’t find them in the bookstores, or I want a nice copy. It’s good, though, if you have a particular (older) cover series and want to continue with that. Found one or two really good stores, which is helpful.

We went and saw our house on the weekend. Hey, guess what?!? We have a roof! And windows! And doors! It’s great. I’m very excited to see it coming along so quickly. Only one bump along the road so far – they put rain glass in the office, and we want clear glass *shakes head*. Some people are so dumb. We had it changed in an addendum, and they still ordered the wrong window. It’s not a big deal, as Mark can have it fixed, so I’m not worried about it. I just hope that our outside gasline ends up on the right side of the door!

Here’s your pictures!

Me and Rob in our door
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Looking up at the loft from inside the house
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Our back lane, view from the master bedroom
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Looking at the living room, from the kitchen eating nook
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Bad rain glass
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That’s it folks!