Angel Sanctuary

Ooh, Ooh, who wants an update?!?  Oh, you do!  How fabulous, as you are in luck.


Not much has been happening in my world lately, but I will give you the hightlights:


1.  I used the “Fairy Jasmine” bath bomb from Lush a couple of days ago.  It smelled kind of nice, and had lots of litter in it, which was fun.  I got out of the tub and was still covered in glitter even after I dried off.  That was all fun until Rob saw that I was leaving glitter everywhere and he had a nervy b.  In his defence, he does most of the cleaning, so it was ok for him to be upset that there was glitter everywhere.  Also, “plastic nunga-nungas” came from this, as the glitter was so intence, that they looked plastic or metal (and in no way real).  I was robot Kait for the evening.  Moral of this story is, if you are going out to someone else’s place (or out on the town) the Fairy Jamine bath bomb is super fun, but not if you have to keep all the glitter in your tiny apartment.


2.  Our house stuff is comign along just fine.  In another week or so we should have our plans ready   So we’re pretty happy campers.  We’re done picking out all of our finishes and appliances too, so it just needs to be built! 


3.  I did some laundry yesterday.  The glitter does wash out of sheets fairly well, for anyone who did not take my advice from point 1.


4.  I got warm chocolates today.  I don’t think that they were meant to be given to me warm, but I think that they were in a lunch bag with warm food, and melting chocolates insued.  However, they are from a place in Chicago that I’ve never been, so all is well (when I say that, it sounds like I have been to Chicago.  The closest that I have been to Chicago was Rene Zellwiger and Catherine Zeta-Jones.  Oh, and Rob has been there).


5.  I have been enjoying the Georgia Nicholson series of books, and I am currently reading “Dancing in my Nudypants”.  I enjoy these silly teenager books due to their immature characters who are constantly being selfish, but trying to work on their “maturocity”.  I do believe I like them so much because the English is funny, and I do remember myself so much at that age.  It was fun.


6.  I have also been faithfully working on Zelda and the Minnish Cap on my Gameboy Advance SP.  I finally got the wind thing, so I’m really moving along.  I have to say that I am really enjoying my digger mitts.  I love the silly game, and Rob is waiting oh so patiently for me to finish it so he can play it.


Anywhoo, I’m off to take another round at Zelda.  Catch you all later!