Red Balloons

Er.  Stupid Launchcast.  I had written a whole bunch of stuff, then it had to go and crash and delete my entry.  Grrr… Oh well.

It’s been a long time.  We have neat new features here!  Yay for font and font sizes!  Lucky us for custom characters!  Wheeee!!!!




So, I nicked a game from Laine (look under friends to find her blog… My HTML is not working right now) it’s the “in my pants” game.  You set your playlist to random, and then the first 20 songs that come up get posted with a “in my pants” added on to the end of the title.  Here’s my list

1.  Foo Fighter’s Learn To Fly in my pants (which is safer than learning to fly in my skirt)

2. Pearl Jam’s Jeremy in my pants

3.  Green Day’s Brain Stew in my pants

4.  Radiohead’s Fake Plastic Trees in my pants (that could actually be painful!  Or does that mean that I am a fake plastic tree?)

5.  Stone Temple Pilot’s Plush in my pants

6.  Nirvana’s All Apologies in my pants (because when I am out of my pants, I am very unrepentant)

7.  Beck’s Where It’s At in my pants (because my pants, are definitely where it is at!)

8.  Collective Soul’s The World I Know in my pants (yes, I have a world in my pants.  don’t you?)

9.  Garbage’s I Think I’m Paranoid in my pants

10.  Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun in my pants

11.  Bjork’s Army Of Me in my pants (which is better than an army of YOU in my pants)

12.  The Offspring’s Come Out And Play in my pants (and that is your formal invitation!)

13.  Elastica’s Connection in my pants

14.  The Flaming Lips’ She Don’t Use Jelly in my pants (yeah, that’s right)

15.  Harvey Danger’s Flagpole Sitta in my pants

16.  Red Hot Chili Pepper’s My Friends in my pants (not only do I have a world in my pants, I have friends in my pants!)

17.  Hole’s Celebrity Skin in my pants (do with that what you will…)

18.  Weezer’s Buddy Holly in my pants (lots of boys in my pants today!)

19.  The Pavement’s Cut Your Hair in my pants (hey, what is your hair doing in my pants?)

20.  Blind Melon’s No Rain in my pants (that’s right!)

I was also thinking, that it would be almost equally amusing to take the group/singer’s names and put “in my pants” behind it.  For example “Hole in my pants” “Blind Melon in my pants”  “Flaming Lips in my pants” (which sounds like a bad STD!).  So… yes, there we go.

Rob and I are building a house.  Yay us.  We’re in the middle of securing our financing and all that other good stuff and it is kind of exciting.  I’m looking forward to not having to live in our apartment any more!  Yay, more room!

I’ve started to sell scrapbooking/stamping supplies, by a company called Close To My Heart.  It’s nice stuff, and it’s kind of fun… I just hope that I am successful at it.  Hanna, there are some oriental stamps that I think you would love.

Anyway, I’m going to go eat my lunch and read my book now.