But it's written all in Spanish!

So. It’s been awhile. I am a horrible blogger. I should be fired… but seeing as how it’s not a paying gig… guess you can’t fire me. Ha!

Anyway, lots of fun stuff has happened. We had my bridal shower the Sunday before the wedding (January 16) and a bunch of fun people showed up. A great thank you and “well done” owing to Carolyn and my sister Jenn. They did an amazing job and it was fun with really really really great food… which was mostly red, white and black! We had a great time.

Saturday was the wedding (January 22). I was up around 7:30 to get ready for having my hair done, etc. and Hanna picked me up around 8 am. She left Craig at my place, who amused himself until Rob got there and they got ready together (well, as much as boys get ready together, anyway). I spent 2 hours in the hairdressers chair, while drinking champagne and orange juice, and eating Cinnzeo cinnamon rolls. Yum! After Hanna had her hair done, we rushed over to the church to meet Ali and Karen (make up artist and photographer, respectively). Ali made me look like porcelain, and Karen ran around trying to get everything ready for our family/wedding party piccies before the ceremony. They both did a really fantastic job. Then it was into my dress, and downstairs to get pictures taken. After that, us girls quickly ate A & W and then it was time for the ceremony. Both went by really quickly and without any problems. There are pictures in the gallery under Kait and Rob’s Wedding, or some other such really obvious title.

Rob and I went to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic for our honeymoon. We stayed at the Sirenis Tropical Suites Resort. It was really nice, clean and the food was good. The only bad thing about the trip is that one of the housekeeping staff stole Rob’s Vera Weng (sp?) cologne. Oh well. We’ll have to replace it now. We went on a few excursions while we were there, which was probably the highlight of the trip.

The first excursion was the Outback Safari. We all piled into the back of a truck (there were seats and “seat belts”) and drove around the country-side of the DR. We stopped at an average family’s house and had a tour. The actual home is a dining area and bed rooms. The cooking area and all that is outside, under a shelter. We saw their farm and their “grocery store”, where other’s could buy dry food, paper products, etc. from them. I assume that the family travels to the city and purchases the products then brings them back to the village to sell at a slightly higher rate. We also stopped at a small school, where the kids sang us a song about how much they loved school, and Alec, our guide told us a little about their mandatory school system. They do things quite differently, such as students who are 14 (I believe) and over go to school only in the afternoon so they are able to help out on the family farms, etc. during the morning. We also watched them play “baseball” for a few minutes… They used a broken 2×4 for a bat and an empty water bottle for a ball. They looked to be having a swell time, though! After that, we drove on up into the mountains to stop at a ranch for lunch. It was descent food… until I found a live slug in my lettuce. That made me sad… but what can you do. At least it was fresh… After that, we kept on going and stopped at a coffee plantation. They had all sorts of animals there, including a large tarantual, a couple of snakes, roosters, a large iquana, a mongoose, and a kitten with fleas. All were in cages except for the kitten. It was pretty cool to see everything. Apparently, cock fighting is a huge sport there, so most families grow roosters to enter into the fights. We also saw how cocoa, bananas, pineapple, and coffee grows. We also saw how they dried, and roasted coffee too. We were able to taste coffee, ho chocolate, and Mamajuana… which is not how it sounds. It’s their cure all, which includes, red wine, rum (but of course!), honey and a plethora of plants/herbs. You buy the bottles filled with the herbs and then you add the rum, wine and honey. I wasn’t feel very good so I didn’t try it. I suppose it might have settled my stomache, but the last I wanted was to add more foreign matter to it! We then went boogey-boarding on Macao Beach. It was wonderfully hot, and the waves were good and strong. I managed to only clear out my sinuses with salt water twice… but that was bad enough. It really hurt! Anyway, after that they took us back to our resort. It was pretty fun, and they were serving water, and rum and coke or rum and sprite all day. They were mixing drinks pretty strongly, so I stayed with plain sprite or very very weak rum and sprite. I will mention here, that the public washrooms in the Dominican Republic (save certain stalls at the airport and the resorts) don’t believe in toilet seats. It wasn’t very nice.

The second trip we went to Saona Island. We were picked up by a bus with the air conditioning broken… it was very hot. We drove through a really big city (I forget what it was called, but it was substancial) and stopped at a Verdeclub resort. There we boarded speed boats to head off to Saona. I will mention here that I am very afraid of the ocean (or any really deep water that isn’t a swimming pool) and boats that aren’t canoes (and I only like to canoe because I used to have to do it every summer at camp). I was really afraid at first, but I was able to relax a bit by the time that we stopped for a swim in a natural pool in the middle of the ocean. I still made Rob get out first to make sure how deep it was! 🙂 We got to play with starfish and swim around. Not to mention drink (more rum and pop if you wanted!). Some people had snorkel stuff, so they did that too. Then, it was back into the speed boats and continuing on to the Island. I will say that I really hated taking off, or driving as fast as we could. I also disliked turning sharp corners or weaving back and forth. Rob and I did tell each other that we felt as though we should be carrying guns… and shooting bad guys, similar to Far Cry. 🙂 Next we stopped by a broken dock to toss bread crumbs, etc. to tigerfish. It was really cool, as there was a lot of them! I got some good pictures of them too. We also tossed the food in the air to the seagulls. Then we took off again, and crossed the Atlantic/Carribbean straight inbetween the mainland and the island. About 10 minutes later we arrived at the island. Our guide Isreal let us know where the bathrooms were, when lunch was, and what section of the beach was best. We played in the ocean for most of the time, layed around on lawn chairs a bit, had some food and chatted with the other family we met from Edmonton on the way down. After lunch, we took a banana out in to the water and fed a few silver angelfish that would approach us. It was good fun. When it was time to go, we got back on the speed boat and jetted out to a catamaran (like a really big motorized sail boat) which took us (much slower) back to the mainland. There was drinks (but of course!) and dancing on board. It was a little frightening at first (the boat thing again), but by the end I was pretty comfortable. After that, it was back to the bus and back to Sirenis Resort. The only bad part about this trip (minus the hot busride down) was that we were supposed to be able to buy a rum bottle with our picture on it after the trip. Well, someone bought the bottle of rum with our picture on it! Grrr! Oh well.

The third day, we went to the Marinarium. We drove in a mini-van kind of thing down to some little town. There, we signed a waiver and boarded another catamaran and sailed (in very choppy water) out to the middle of the ocean and got our snorkle gear (mask, breather tube a
nd flotation thingy) and jumped in to the ocean. We then swam about 200 yards to the fenced in shark and sting ray pen. There, we swam around for about half an hour with sting rays and nurse sharks. Both animals were huge! It was very awe full. We saw lots of cool other fishes too, but the sharks left the biggest impression on me! I was very very afraid of swimming in the ocean (funny, the water aspect bothered me more than the shark part did!) and hyperventalated a bit when I tried to put my face in the water. After a minute or two, I figured that if I exhaled while I put my face in the water it was much more natural than just sticking my face in and trying to breathe. Anyway, I spent most of our swimming time clutching Rob’s swim trunks while we swam around looking for sharks and fishes and stuff. It was fun once I relaxed. After, the catamaran wandered down the Bavaro coast line, with drinks, snacks and more dancing. Then it was back into the van (there was some confusion… we came down in an 11 passenger van and they tried to send us back in a 9 passenger van… eventually they realized that they had to switch!) and on home to our resort.

This is getting really long! Anyway, we had a really good time. If you look in the wedding album in my gallery you will find honeymoon pictures too.

Lunch is almost over and I haven’t had anything to eat yet… so I’m going to go do that!