Apple Cider

OI!!!!! Kelley’s site is down. As is the discussion board. I knew that it was coming, as in that we would be without the ability to post on the discussion board… but right now, there is nothing at alll! *cries* It’s a cruel cruel world.

I have my second dress fitting today. I know, only 7 more days until I get married *squeels like a little girl* I’m getting kind of excited… I get my make up done tonight to practice. Whoo me! I like all of this stuff, I feel like a princess! Sometimes… Sometimes not!

I finished “Silver Wolf” by Alice Bouchardt last night. I liked it. It was my second time around, but still just as good. I can’t believe how many books I still have to read! I love having tonnes of books just waiting for me to crack the bindings!

I also get my Jaqueline Carey books back next week! I’ve missed them, as they are lovely. I’m super glad that Hanna was able to enjoy them, though.

Caro is sending a book called “The diary of a Mad Bride” (I believe). She says it’s great and I total trust her judgement on books. I want to read the one that she got for christmas, though!

Ok, well, I should get some work done… so there you go people! Enjoy! The! Entry!