Burning Balls of Cancer

Ok… so not much going on in my world right now. I’m starting to have whirlwind wedding thoughts. I’ll be laying in bed, or sitting in the car or whatever, and suddenly my brain will start rattling off lists that I need to do for the wedding. Oy. And all I really wanted was to lay around in the sun bed and enjoy the heat. But no, I have to mentally categorize and review everything that has to be done. * le sigh*

The worst thing of my day is that this morning, Tim Hortons ran out of apple cider and I had to have hot chocolate instead. This normally wouldn\’t be a problem except for the fact that I think their hot chocolate is a wee bit sweet, and therefore not to my taste. If this is the worst thing that happens to me today, it\’ll be an ok day, though…

Work has been very quiet and mostly boring lately. Not that I am unhappy or complaining, mind, but it’s bad when I want to have a nap at my desk every day because I’m so tired of staring at my computer screen constantly for eight hours a day.

To many other people’s chagrin, I am kind of proud of Canada for not just rushing into Thailand and Sri Lanka with their aid. I think that it seems wiser to send a small team in, plus some people to look around and tell the rest of the troops that will be coming what to do. This way, we’re not rushing in with what we think needs to be done and can wait for a little more direction from the countries affected. I also think its great that the Canadian government will be matching dollar for dollar what people are donating privately. That’s nice to see.

Seriously, my eyes are killing me! Arg. I hope that we get sent home early, being New Years Eve and all. Then maybe I will get a chance to tan tonight! Whoo for me. I think that I am going to start doing the stand-up booth once a week too, so I can (hopefully) tan a little more evenly overall.

Ok. I’m going to get some work done. Hope every one out there is having a good day.

Happy New Year, Readers!!