Blue Light Christmas

So guess what I realized yesterday while I was partaking in a particularily nerdy activity… On Degrassi: Next Generation, they have cameo\’s of the original actors! It seems that Craig lives with Joey, who hangs out with (and got back together with!) Caitlin, and Caitlin met up with Spike (who totally looks different, ala lack of spikes), and Snake is one of the kids teachers! Who knew? Not me. Apparently I need to pay more attention when I watch Degrassi: Next Generation.

Gosh, I loved watching Degrassi High when I used to get home from school. It rocked. Seriously. I loved it. I remember when Lucy went blind from the accident, and when Spike found out she was preggers… Oh my goodness! I totally remember reading the books! The books! Don\’t you remember the books???

I am such a nerd *hangs head in shame*

hey, this song is the theme song for \”Queer Eye for the Straight Guy\”… Which is on tonight! Yay me!