Flying Angel Bears

I guess that I\’m getting pretty ready for christmas now. All the gifts are bought, and most are wrapped and under the tree. Just a few more to be put under (no more for Rob!) and then I\’m all done. I\’ll have lots of time to do stuff like that in the next few days as Rob has to be at church every night for band practice! Yikes. He\’s really busy, the poor guy. I, on the other hand, just have to lounge around and try to get a tan. I know, its hard being me.

Rob\’s grandma is really sick. They don\’t now how much longer she is going to live now. I feel bad that we can\’t go out and visit again but its almost impossible for us both to get time off for that. And I won\’t even get time off for the funeral because Rob and I aren\’t married yet. Bah. There\’s not much I can do about that. I just hope that she\’s able to live through Christmas, and that they won\’t have to have the funeral right on Christmas or right around it. I hope that she\’s able to hang on until next week… but that\’s just me and I\’m being a little selfish. I want Rob here for Christmas day instead of in Saskatchewan.

Some of my books are at the post office today! Hopefully I will be able to get them! I\’m very excited! Whee!! I have to take the bus home, though, and that makes me less excited. Ho hum. At least I have the books that I\’m reading now!

I have been working on my favours lately. They\’re taking a long time… longer than I had thought that I would have to work on them. No matter… it\’s just kind of irritating.

Other than that, nothing much new for me. Seriously… Just a lot of the same. So yeah, there you go.