Garden Peppers

Today is just another day… Wee…

So did I tell you that Kevin (the ex) called me last week? Yeah, he totally did. It was just weird. He wanted to know if I wanted some of his Anime stuff, or if I wanted to sell/give him/trade my Angel Sanctuary poster scroll. I said no to both accounts. There are not many things in this world that I would want enough to see him again. However, I did get to tell him that I am getting married (ha ha sucker!), and that he has HPV. He didn\’t take that last bit of news so well, but what can you do. I wanted him to know and to get treated and educated. Plus I encouraged him to talk to the people that he\’s slept with, or who he\’s sleeping with now. I hope that he feels really really embarrassed and bad. Not that I\’m evil, I just want him to feel like I felt when I had to tell people about it.

I\’m hoping that we will start looking at houses soon. We haven\’t made any definite plans about it yet, but are considering buying sooner rather than later. I think that the apartment is going to feel awfully small once Rob moves in after the wedding.

Other than that, not much new here. I have to finish all my Christmas shopping. Oy vey, it\’s taking a lot longer than I thought! I also realized that I am supposed to be getting little presents for a few of the ladies at work here – it\’s something they do every year. That\’s ok, though. I\’m sure that I can find something suitable.

Well, I\’ve got to go do some work now… I know, they\’re crazy here, expecting me to work while I\’m here…