Meow Meow Meow Meow

Not much new with me, except that I can\’t see. I don\’t know what is wrong with my contacts, but it is definately something. Grawr. Seriously, I am doing this with my eyes closed, because I\’m tired of the eye strain from squinting at the monitor. Bah.

We had our engagement party on Saturday. It was fun, a lot of people showed up, even more than I thought! But it was good. I got a chance to visit with my dad\’s siblings, which I hardly ever get to do, and to see a lot of Rob\’s family together. Some of mom\’s family came, and some of our friends from church. It was a nice affair and all.

Sunday was pretty non-eventful. We went to church, where I worked in the nursury. After that we had lunch and went to yoga, where I learned the very powerful lesson of \”don\’t skip classes, you hurt far too much the next time you go back!\”. Yeah, I hurt. But it\’s kind of a good hurt. After that, we went home and I layed down for a bit, while Rob played on the computer… then it was off to Dad\’s to visit for a bit. Lots of fun. Then we went home to bed. I haven\’t even had time to watch Joan of Arcadia yet.

Friday night we went suit shopping and got Rob and Shawn their suits for the wedding, plus dress shirts, ties and shoes. Fun stuff! I\’m just glad that it\’s all over and done with.

Today has been pretty quiet, I\’m trying to get some filing done at work, and it\’s kind of working. We have to vote today. I still don\’t know where I\’m supposed to go to vote. Mer. Oh well. I guess if I can\’t tell from my mail when I get home, I\’m just not going to vote. I\’m not driving all over the city to find out where I\’m supposed to be. Oh yeah, how am I supposed to drive all over the city with out a car? Oops!

I get to pick up my guest book tonight after work. I\’m pretty excited about that. Hopefully I will be able to pick up my drycleaning too. Grrrr….

Anyway, back to work…