Red Cupcakes

In honour of my new layout, I am updating. If you\’re reading this on your \”friends\” page, I certainly recommend actually coming to my blog page. It\’s very pretty, and I love Hanasu for making it. Thanks hun, you\’re the best!

Hmm… I got a crockpot today for an early wedding present. Robyn, my stepsister who is moving to California tomorrow, gave it to us. It is the ugliest crockpot on earth. Seriously. But, it (should) work, it\’s never been used, and has come with a manual. Whoo! It\’s burgundy and grey. The good thing about it is that the ceramic \”pot\” part is a separate piece from the heater… so that allows me to take it out and clean it… and possibly even put it in the dishwasher. I know, I\’m shocked too.

Had dinner at Dad\’s tonight. It was pretty good. As usual, Dad had to steal Rob for an hour to show him what he was working on with his guitar building, and to have Rob fix some stuff on the computer. I have never seen a desktop with so many icons. It was scarey, as most of them will never be used.

I have Christmas oranges! They are super fantastic! Yay for us.

Other than that… there is nothing new and exciting in my life. I am presently doing 6 loads of laundry, and even managed to bleach some stuff. I know, I\’m such a suzie home maker! Ah well… It\’ll all work out in the end.