Growl, Bark, Bark, Chomp

Hurray! More bus stories with Kait!

This morning, I missed my bus. And by miss my bus, I mean that I was in bed when my bus went by. So I ended up taking a later bus (that was filled with teenagers!), and ended up sitting next to an older woman. She was quite nice and talkative, and sometimes, I just don’t know what to do with that. It’s like we’ve been taught “Stranger! Danger!” all our lives and then when we are adults, we are supposed to be amicable. Oh well. I don’t like the fact that no one talks to each other, but on the other hand, sometimes it’s just so hard. * le sigh* Anyway, So this larger (albeit friendly) woman sits down next to me and we start chatting. About how her doctor tells her she’s too fat. About how she knows German, Polish, Ukrainian and English. About how skinny people die from heart attacks and strokes too. About how her mom died when she was 2. About how she had a stepmother who hit her with a frying pan on the head a lot. Phew! There was a lot to cover. For my part, I had one-liners here and there, and that was about it. But some people need to talk and they need others to know all about themselves. Or maybe she just felt that she was being social. It was ok. I’m ok with being your sorrow sounding board! You can sound all of you sad ideas and memories on my nice fat lady! I hope you had fun at your new doctors appointment and that he told you things other than “lose weight”!

In other news, I had a glass (and a half!) of wine last night! It was the first time I’ve had wine in a long time. It was good spinney fun! I kept trying to whisper to Rob about the Sims2 fix, until I realized that he was in the next room and I had the fan going. Oops. So I called him, and then I told him. And then I kept trying to tell him other secrets, but I’d forget. I think I giggled myself to sleep. Ah, the lovely sleep that drinking wine brings. It was such a good sleep that I missed my bus (as stated above)! Whee!

Ooh… I just made Aaron squeamish! Hurrah for me. He likes to touch the glass on the door so he doesn’t have to use the handle. When he has to pull the handle, he uses his sleeve. He was demonstrating this so nicely for me, when I happened to point out that now he has all the germs on his sweater instead of on his hands… His hands being much easier to wash during the day then his sweater is. Now he’s not so happy… ha ha ha…

Rob’s taking me on a date tonight. Our first stop is to Walmart (I KNOW! He is SOO romantic!). I have to pick up some stuff, and well… I need to get it tonight. Then we’re off to West Ed to have dinner at Julio’s Bario, then off to play Mini Golf! But not the glow in the dark one, just the regular mini golf. I’m kind of looking forward to it. No, actually I am looking forward to it. We don’t go out on dates very much any more. Usually we stay in and watch movies/tv or play on the computer. We’ve also been pretty busy with our counselling and wedding prep too.

Ok, I’ve got to power eat, and then its back to work!!!