Biodiesel for everyone!

Did you know, that when I wear a turtle neck, and let my hair just hang I look kind of like Professor Snape from the Harry Potter movies? It’s very funny. I was harassing Rob last night with it. He (for some unknown reason) doesn’t want to think about the professor when he looks at me. Who knew? (hee hee hee)

Also, did you know, that no matter what time I leave my house, and no matter which bus I actually catch (there are 3 outside my house that I can take, then I can transfer to two different buses), I still get to work at 7:55? It’s true. I don’t know how I feel about this, truly. Today, I took the 60 instead of the 61 (I know, it’s crazy!) and it takes a different route (thank goodness… it would be a big waste for them to have all of the same stops!) so I was a little bit concerned. Until I realized, anyway, that if I was late, I could say that I accidentally took the wrong bus! Who could be mad at me for that? Not I said me! Then, the 73 came first so I took that one too. I think, though, that it takes a little bit longer to get to work than the number 6 as it has a different route as well. So due to our detour (what do you mean we’re taking the Whitemud?!?), I though for surely I would be getting there on time, if not a little late. Nope. Right on time as usual. Well, on time in an early kind of sense. Oh well.

In other news… Well, I don’t really have any. We had our small group/growth group/bible study last night. It was pretty fun. We actually had a pretty good discussion about the verses we read, which was great. I wasn’t thinking that we were going to talk like that for so long on the questions that I had printed off the net. I’m happy that the others found it acceptable. Unfortunately, Mark and Carolyn we’re able to attend, but we’re looking forward to having them along next time. Found out that they were at church last Sunday. Oops, neither Rob nor I were there. I feel kind of bad that they didn’t know any one, but they met Sandy and Randy (who knew we had a set of those!) and Darlene, who was a common acquaintance any way. We will be there this week, so I don’t know what Mark’s schedule is, but we will be there if you want to come Carolyn! We can introduce you to more people too!

I am eating a chocolate muffin. Unfortunately, I am starting to choke on the chocolate muffin… bleh… too sweet.