Bouncing balls of blue bananas

Ok, so I haven\’t updated in a while. I apologize. I\’ve been really busy… and how could I have not been… After all \”I have a wedding to plan, a war to start and a wife to murder. I\’m pooped!!\” (if you know where that quote is from, 10 points to you!)

Things are coming along for the wedding. We\’ve decided on January 29th (so those of you like hanna and barb need to book time off work, yes? yes.)… My dress is purchased, so all we need now is to decide on the reception, order veil/head piece, pick out shoes, order flowers, book photographer, and get honeymoon ready. Not to mention get and create favours, organize all the decorations, pick my music, finish councelling… and all that good stuff. Phew. Almost done the registry, then we focus on the invitations. Yikes. It\’ll all be ok, though.

Anyway, nothing new otherwise going on. The ring people made my ring a size too big so we have to send it back to get it resized. Whoo for me. Makes me sad, but whatever.

Anyway, back to work!!!