But all I really want is soda!

I have few interesting facts for you today. I learned them at work, and no, they are not about cows. It’s about sports drinks. There are 3 kinds of sports drinks out there, and they are as follows:

Hypotonic drinks – these are a weaker solution than body fluid. They have fewer carbohydrates, and help the body speed up water absorption. Best used after exercise. Examples – Rawlings Sport Drink, or this recipe: 250 ml fruit juice, 750 ml water, ¼ tsp of salt.

Isotonic drinks – these replace lost body fluids, electrolytes (sodium, potassium & cholides) and glucose in similar concentrations to body fluids. Don’t cause swelling or shrinkage of cells. Best used during exercise or heat exposure. Examples: Gatorade, Powerade.

Hypertonic drinks – designed to replace and maintain energy levels during exercise of more than one hour. They are of a stronger solution than body fluids. They are absorbed slowly and not a fluid replacement. The key to hypertonic absorption is water, water, water. It causes it to come down to an isotonic solution, which is more readily absorbed, without robbing the consumer of the energy levels etc. Too much at a time can cause stomach discomfort and little effect. Examples – Those gel packs you can get.

See? It’s not all about oats and barley here!

Did you know that people in the UK spend over 348 million pounds (₤ ) in a year on sports drinks, specifically Lucozade? I find that a bit excessive… but hey, way to stay hydrated!

Anyway, back to work for me!