It\'s not my fault!

Ok, so I\’m weird, and I forgot to put this in earlier, and myabe I shouldn\’t include it at all, but here it goes.

I had a dream last night where I was living with Lainie. Now understand, that I don\’t know Lainie in real life, I\’ve never met her and haven\’t really even talked to her via tabulas comments. I just read her journal, and at some point, she has read mine. Anyway, we were living together with some mutual friends in a big house. I don\’t know who the superflous friends where, they were just there. Anyway, Lainie and I would cook together a lot, and it seemed that she loved to make Ceasar Salad. So I let her. When we were finally all done, I realized that she had put oranges and raisins in the salad. I can understand doing that with normal salad, but not Ceasar salad, ew! Also, they weren\’t the pretty canned and peeled mandarin oranges, they were the chopped up naval oranges that you make juice out of! It was so strange. Anyway, I ended up moving out of the large (and fun) house that I was sharing with Lainie and Random Friends, and moved back into my Dad\’s house (only it wasn\’t the house that they have now). I had a room on the main level (well, it was more like a room in the walkout basement) and there was this guy that kept staring in the window. I kept trying to get off of my bed and close the blinds, but some random [big and scary] dog kept biting me. It wasn\’t fun. I eventually woke up or changed dreams or whatever.

I also had a dream about there being snakes loose in the mall and how they kept trying to bite me. Oh my goodness, that made me so angry! And there was a creepy guy following me around. What\’s it with being bitten and being watched by creepy guys in my dreams last night? So weird.