No! Don\'t Pull the Pin!

Ok, today’s blog entry might be a little on the linkolicious side, but we’ll all struggle through. Then after, we can emerge. Yay for us! Ha ha ha… Ok, I’m a geek. I’m fully aware of it. That is why I love this store. Rob and I ordered from there last week. I get a digital angel t-shirt and some glasses, a door mat and a bunch of other stuff. Including mono. Yes, now you too can get mono (aka the kissing disease) from the internet. How great is that!

Hey! Anyone want to see a dancing bear? I knew you did! You can fully indulge your need to see a break dancing bear by going here. Enjoy!

Here. Hitler likes disco. And boy does he like to sing! While I am still on the nazi theme, here’s a more tender moment. “Here kitten have a lovely flower… Ok, you can keep the grenade too”.

Not only should you worry about West Nile Virus, you can now also go nutty being concerned about squashing the litter buggers on your arm too! This must be on my top 10 ways to die list…

Rob stole my internet so we are no longer doing links. Its ok, we can get back to that later if we need to.

Tonight was my nephew Eli’s birthday party. He turned a whopping 1 year old. Good for him, I say. He got lots of presents, including singing ones. I also discovered that I can get “noisy childrens toy rage”. Stop! Playing! That! Irritating! Song! Before! I! Throw! It! Down! The! Stairs! I also got to talk to Dad and Donna, as well as wrestle with Sean and Jenn (Ooh, double the fun!). I think I gave Sean a bruise by biting him (on the tender part on your side… Yes, I’m mean. I know I’m mean, and really, I’m ok with that). Then Jenn managed to punch me in the eye. If I have a bruise tomorrow, it’s because Rob hit me. It has nothing to do with rolling around with Jenn and Sean 😉 Dad and Rob talked for a long time, so that was nice too.

It’s going to cost me $177 to get all my body hair that I no longer want waxed!!! Oh my goodness! Oh well, I guess that’s a lot of skin/hair/area to cover. Not that I’m huge, mind you, but still, it’s a lot of different spots on my body.

I found the ultimate bikini yesterday. It’s about $70 (on sale) and I want it, but I don’t think that it would be completely wise of me to buy it right now. Oh boo. I guess I’ll have to wait. It’s very likely that I will find something else just as stellar later. Maybe I can buy something in the off season and get something really smoking then.

Not much new in life. Just get up, go to work, come home, go to bed, with a few filler activities in between.

Things overheard at work that I don’t think I was meant to hear:

“I’ve already slept with you once and it didn’t help my career then, what makes you think that doing it twice would?”

“I prefer thongs” (said by a man)

“Do you have any whiskey in your desk?”

There were more, but that’s all I’m remembering right now.

If it doesn\’t get less muggy here or at least cool down in the next week, I think that I am going to go absolutely nuts from not sleeping properly. Yikes.

I\’ve been having such mixed feelings about my impending engagement with Rob. Some days, I\’m so happy, and everything is lovely, but 15 minutes later, I\’m totally stressed out and just wish that we could run away and get married and not have to deal with a wedding and family and all that crap. Then I get angry about nothing, and then I\’m ecstatic again. So, maybe it\’s all mood swings. I dunno.

I’m going to go read my book. Yay for books.