The Vacation in a Nutshell

Ok, so I was back in town Tuesday night and it has taken me until today to have enough time to post in here. Life hasn’t been overly crazy since I’ve been back, I’ve just been overly lazy. But how is that different than any other time, you ask? I don’t know. I just haven’t “felt” like blogging lately.

Anyway, here is a general outline of what we did, then I will expand each point so as to fully explain what happened in the last week or so.
Friday: Drove to Slocan, BC
Saturday: Barb’s Wedding in Nelson
Sunday: Hung out at Campsite
Monday: Went Tubing on Slocan River
Tuesday: Drove Back to Edmonton
Wednesday: Went Shopping/Relaxed
Thursday: Worked/Not much

Friday. Friday we got up around 7… No, it was 7:30. See, I stayed over at Rob’s parent’s place and they have this insane idea that the house should be rather cool when you sleep – as in –5 C (ok, it’s more like 20 C, but who’s counting?). So even when I have extra blankets, I’m still a little chilly. I woke up around 6 or so fairly cold, and I had to go to the bathroom. I decided not to get up and go, as that would mean getting dressed to run to the washroom (I had borrowed a t shirt from Rob, but had left my pj’s in the car… and I wasn’t about to start running around his house in a t-shirt and undies… Yikes). So I figured that Rob would come and wake me up in an hour and I would get up then. Well, 7:30 rolls around and I bolt out of bed, knowing that Rob was supposed to get me up way more than ½ an hour ago. So I get up, throw on all my clothes, run downstairs and wake up Rob and then we make a mad dash for the door to get ready and get on the road. I think that we were planning on driving around 7, but I don’t really remember all the details anymore. Anyway, point of the story was that we were late. We then had to stop at my place for a bottle of propane for the camp stove, and after we had picked that up, we were finally free to be on the road to BC. We made it most of the way there without any hitches… Until we got to Radium and the brakes started to feel weird and smell really really exceptionally bad. So we pulled off and got out and sure enough, the back right brake smelled burned. But we were miles from any where (Ok, down the street from Radium hot springs, but where is there a mechanic around there?), so we decided to keep driving for a bit, as it’s not terribly hilly right after Radium. Everything seemed fine so we kept on going, with the occasion pee/gas break. We even had a chance to go shopping at the Walmart in Cranbrook. Lucky us! In our haste to pack and organize, I had not thought that we would very likely need an axe, so we picked up a small hatchet thinger from Walmart. Oh, and table cloth clips, so our table cloth wouldn’t blow away in the breeze. Then we were on the road again, and eventually got to Lemon Creek Lodge, our campground. We set up camp and I went and made a bunch of phone calls. To Rob’s parents (“Surprise! We’re here!” “Surprise! Rob has an interview next Friday!” “Surprise! I forgot my invitation and need to know what time the wedding starts!”), to my mom, and then to Barb’s (where I spoke with Hanna). Yes, I forgot the invitation, but luckily, I was able to coach Rob’s dad through the maze of the internet to be able to find Barb’s number so I could ask what time the wedding started. I also got to speak with Hanna, which was excellent. Then we went to sleep in our every so FREEZING COLD tent. It was great. And by great, I mean COLD. DARN COLD. Did I mention, that it was cold to sleep in the tent?

Saturday. Saturday was probably one of the best days that we had. We woke up, got ready for the wedding and headed out to Nelson… One of our many many trips to Nelson. The wedding was absolutely lovely, and if you want to see my pictures, you can go here. So after the wedding, and during the reception, we hung out in the lake (those of us smart enough to wear skirts and sandals… ha ha ha, silly boys!) and just chatted. Craig made art, and we took lots of pictures. Rob and Craig made friends and it was Lovely. After, we decided that it would be super fun to go to Ainsworth Hot Springs, but oh wait! We have to go out to the campsite to get our swimming stuff! So a million kilometers and a few hours later, we arrive at the hot springs to find out that the close in 30 minutes. It sucked. It almost felt like spending quality time together, only Hanna and I were in separate cars. Whoo. Finally, we ended up having dinner in a Greek/Western Pub Food restaurant. It was pretty good, but don’t ask me what it was called – I don’t remember. Then we drove all the way back out to the campsite again, and Rob and I vowed that we weren’t going back to Nelson again until we went home.

Sunday. We didn’t do much on Sunday. It was kind of miserable, so we slept a lot of the day, had the fire going and just relaxed. It was really nice to do nothing really. I think that we might have gone for a walk (or what that Saturday?) and found an old train bridge that goes over Lemon Creek (which rushes! Oh how it rushes!), or maybe that day… No, we went for a walk down to Lemon Creek but via the highway, where we saw a couple of deer (one really close up! They are beautiful!) and stuff. It was good fun. Then we ate, went to bed… the usual.

Monday. We went tubing Monday afternoon. It was also good fun, except the river was darn cold. At first, that was fine, because it was very hot out, but by they end, I had enough of the cold and just wanted out. We kind of missed the beach and went a little far in the river… where I proceeded to freak out because I! Am! Going! To! Die! On! The! Rapids! Yes… Panic attack, followed by very vigorous swimming upstream half on the tube, half in the water. Not fun. Rob, however, wasn’t terrible concerned until he was suddenly 20’ away from me and I freaked. So we got out (and got heckled by the locals… silly locals, not every one grew up on your river and is used to the rapids!) and walked down to the Winlaw Bridge, where we figured that Barry would drive by and see us. Might I add here, that the asphalt in the summer is really really exceptionally hot? I mean, burned the bottoms of my feel hot, and I think that I can walk on coals now? Yes, it’s my new trick! Kait the Coal Walker! Come see my next show! It’s a sight that you will never forget! Come one, come all! Anyway, we ended up meeting up with Barry, going back to the campsite and showering. Oh yeah, we saw fishes in the water swimming beneath us, and a couple of blue herons . It was very cool. Also lots of flying eagles/hawks, and other strange birds. Anyway, we showered and ate and relaxed and packed up our campsite, as we decided to go home on Tuesday. We went to bed exceptionally early (think 9pm).

Tuesday We drove home. We also woke up at 5am. Whoo. Anyway, we stopped at lots of places and went for a walk down in Radium, then again in Canmore. It was really nice and the scenery in both places is just fantastic. I think that I could probably live in Canmore if I really wanted to. It’s just so nice to be surrounded by mountains. I would prefer to live in the Nelson area, as I think it’s much more beautiful (who doesn’t love huge Cedar tree’s?), but Canmore would also suffice. Nothing much happened. We stopped at the Glass House, but unfortunately, we didn’t have any cash on us, so we could go through. I was sad, because every time we go past, I really want to go in, but never do *sigh*.
I’ll just have to go next year. I practiced my Avril Lavigne songs for the next time that we do karaoke, so I’m getting pretty stoked about that.

Wednesday Rob worked on getting ready for his interview and I went shopping. I like shopping, some days. I went to Lush down on Whyte Ave (by the way, don’t go shopping during the street performers festival… that’s just bad judgment!) and bought some Karma Bubble bath, and their AromaCreme deodorant. I’m not too sure how crazy I am about it – it smells kind of babypowderish, and I don’t like baby powder. We’ll see how long I use it for. Then I went to M.A.C and got purple glitter. It’s pretty. Yay glitter. Then I got us pizza and Ice Cap’s from Tim Hortons… And the Timmies that I went to was out of Ice Caps! Can you believe it!!! But all was well. That night, we went to Rob’s place and watched School of Rock with Jack Black. Very funny show. If you like Jack Black, you’ll like Tenacious D.

Anyway, that’s about it… Work was as usual on Thursday, then Rob had to work late and I just hung out at home. Today is Friday, and it’s like every other Friday out there too. Anyway, lunch is over, and I have to reread this before I post it, so I got to run.

Remember kids… Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?