One Step Ahead of the Hitman

Today was my first official day of work. I got to set up my computer, play with the phone, wrestle with my mouse, talk to strange people and have coffee. Twice. Only I didn’t drink coffee… I had water, both times. Who knew, eh? When I got there, my computer was mostly set up so I turned it on. Imagine my surprise when I got the splash screen, them immediately after, my monitor told me that the computer was oversending the signal and it couldn’t accept it. Well, I lugged my 17” monitor off the desk, then carried a newer monitor to my desk and plugged it in. Of course it didn’t work, as I hadn’t fixed the problem. So I called the IBM guy (who’s name was Chris, if you were wondering, and my mother thinks he’s good looking. I, however, think that he is less than average, and wouldn’t look twice at him. But that’s besides the point) and he came and fixed it. Turns out that they had Joan’s big assed monitor attached to it before and had special settings on the pc to run the HUGE monitor (that takes two men to lift it). Anyway, that got all sorted out. So my next problem was my mouse. I certainly thought that the problem was that I needed a usb to a ps2 converter, but when I plugged it in, it didn’t work either. Eventually, I found a spare usb port and plugged it in there. It still wouldn’t read it (although I knew that it must be almost working because the little red light on the bottom of the mouse came on). Anyway, IBM Chris came back up finally and told me that I had to update my bios. Of course. It fixed it right away. I was quite happy… now I have a pretty black mouse with a red scroll wheel. Whoo! After that, I changed my voicemail and got to email the lady to change the name on my phone. I’m getting all moved in. Now all I have to do is find a nice picture of Rob and I for my desk 🙂

I voted today. I’m a good little Canadian. Yay for me. I went to the wrong poll at first, though, and that was sad. I thought that I would just have to go to the same place as my sister, but no, that was wrong. She lives down the street, and that put us at different polling stations. * sigh* So I had to drive to a different school so I could stand in line FOREVER on feet that were already sore. The guy handed me a ballot that was already marked with the wrong guy, so I had to take it back and get a clean one. But after that, it was off to Sobey’s for a very uninspired grocery shopping trip. Seriously, I wandered up and down the aisles not knowing what to buy. It kind of fully sucked. Oh well… guess I’ll just have to do it again later when Rob can come with me.

I really hate driving in my car in hot weather. It used to be ok, then my window broke, and I can’t put it down. Well, truthfully, I can put it down but I can’t put it back up. So it just stays up. My car is like riding in an enclosed train car down a river of molten lava. It is so freaking hot in there! I can turn on the fan, but all it really does is blow hot air at you. I eventually leaned over and opened the passenger side window, plus the small window behind me. Not much difference, let me tell you – still felt like Hades in there!

So I saw a Sikh grandfather today on a girls bike. Not a ladies bike, but a girls bike – it couldn’t have been more than 30” high. It was very funny – he was wearing a suit and a purple turban (which seems to be a very popular color here, it must have some sort of religious significance). It made me giggle, anyway.

I also drove past Stacey’s place and saw him and Jon getting into (I’m assuming) Jon’s car. Would have stopped to say hi, but I was rushing to vote, plus I was blinded by the shine off of Jon’s head. God love the man, but does he have a shiny head! [in his defence, I would say it’s by choice and not because he’s naturally bald] That was about most of the exciting things I have done today. That and laundry. So you know how pumped I am.

I’ve also updated Rob’s and my picture page, if you want to take a look here it is: Happiness. So feast your eyes upon the lovely Kait and Rob. There you go.