Running Screaming Into the Forest

I had my first day of new work today. It was fun. We had a meeting out past Devon as some “swank” golf club. I say swank as in it might have been cool 15 years ago. It looked a little run down and stuff. The food wasn’t very good… edible, but not worth $64 a head (for 2 meals). It was pretty simple fair. Still, though, I enjoyed myself. Everyone there is really super friendly and made an effort to talk to me and get to know my background and stuff. I found out a lot more about the branch that I am in. We help small existing processors. So we talk a lot about food. Everything is about food. I will fit right in!

So I’m on the phone with Telus (my internet provider) right now. Who knew that only having internet one day out of three is unacceptable service? Not them!!! So they are sending my computer packets, and my computer is accepting them, but apparently it’s a big snob and doesn’t want to send them back. Well… This must be me, because I have 2 computers and BOTH OF THEM ARE DOING THE SAME THING!!!! MORONS!!!! Obviously, they keep no track of past problems as if they did, they could see that they have been dealing with this for 2 weeks or more now, and that the problem just isn’t going away!!! This is my angry face. It is full of Malice and Rage. Yes, Malice and Rage. GRR. Believe me, it’s a very angry face. The guy is trying to fix it as I’m typing this (in my WORD program BECAUSE I CAN’T GET ON TO THE NET!!) If I was a cussing type, there would be cussing everywhere. Like a big cussy mess. It would be incredibly ugly, like a truckstop bathroom… that kind of mess. It’s the internet connection from hell. Not only is my laptop possessed, my internet is now possessed too. Where is the Exorcist when I need him? Oh yeah, he threw himself out of a window. Nuts. What to do… Guess I’ll phone Laurie… Or… not. She’s not home. Then I’ll go see Rob.