Blue Jello Dances Better Than Red Jello

Guess what! So, I\’m laying in bed, all ready to go to sleep and I\’m bloggin. So? You say, What\’s the big deal? Well, to be blogging in bed signifies that I am not on my pc. It\’s correct. I am the proud [quasi]owner of a laptop. Rob got it from work, and it now lives at my house. We are selling my pc at the end of July, so we\’re starting to transfer some stuff over to this computer, and then just backing up some of the other stuff. We\’re hoping to start to build are pretty glowing unit in the end of July, but we\’ll see. Until then, welcome to Kait\’s bed.

Weekend was ok. Friday night was good. I don\’t remember what we did, but that\’s ok. It\’s no surprise really. We went to Rob\’s parents for dinner (oh, it\’s starting to come back!), then watched a movie with Rob\’s dad, and Shawn and Tricia (Rob\’s brother in law and sister). We rented Mystic River. It was ok. Predictable in the sence that it was trying to not be predictable. Oh well. I will say that it was descent and the acting was good, but it\’s not a film that I would see twice. So worth the $5 to rent it, but not the $20 to buy it. After the movie we went for an easy run, and then home for me.

Saturday during the day consisted of shopping and running errands, then going out to Sorrentino\’s for dinner, and then Carolyn\’s Staggette. Which was fun. Dinner was really good, but it always is as Sorrentino\’s. For the staggette, we went on the riverboat. It was fun. Our waitress was really fun and friendly, and joked around with us all night. Carolyn was a really good sport, as she had to put up with really really horrid 80\’s clothes, plus fake tattoo\’s and stuff. We all had a few drinks and some nacho\’s. Yum. We played madgab and sat around and talked. It was pretty fun. Rob was waiting at the dock when I got back, and it was nice to be able to relax with him for a bit that evening before bed.

Sunday, however, was the Suck. I slept really really poorly Saturday night, so I was really grouchy sunday morning. Church was fine, and lunch at Dad\’s was nice. Rob and Dad talked about guitars and stuff. It\’s nice to see that both of them are making an effort to get along and find stuff in common, or that Rob is kind enough to help Dad out with his computer stuff šŸ˜‰ After that, we went to Rob\’s so he could apply for some new jobs, and I had a nap. After that, it was off to my place for a run and some dinner. Sunday ended a lot better than it started!

Today was ok. I didn\’t do much… slept in a bit… read my book. I did a little shopping (got a new neclace and tank top, they are the Not Suck), and saw Mom at work. I didn\’t get the Drought position there, as they gave it to someone with more farm background… which is fine with me. It sucks a little, but it allows me to persue other things šŸ™‚ I have an interview tomorrow for a reception position in another department, so that\’ll be good. I also applied for a design/decorating job, a job with the U of A, and a couple others. We\’ll see how that goes. I\’m looking forward to having a job lined up – even if I don\’t start until I get back from my vacation in July.

So, It\’s getting late, and this laptop heats up like a sweet mother, so I\’m going to bed.