I Shall Smitith Thee With Mine Right Hange of Comraderie

Guess what I learned today! Courtesy of Gaia, I have learned that God Hates Fags, Figs, Furries, and Shrimp. So beware of all of the said things at the said sites.

Actually, the God Hates Fags site really offended me. Not so much about how God feels about homosexuality, but about their beliefs on who gets into heaven. I think it sucks that they think that Jesus only died for specific people and that Christianity should be some sort of exclusive club that certain people get to become a part of. And don\’t bother praying for your neighbour – he probably doesn\’t get to come to heaven any way. UGH. Some people are SO weird.

Did you know that you can get these, and that they make pretty plates? Neeto, huh? Maybe not something that I would want, but fun, nevertheless.

Well. Lunch is over, back to work!