There\'s a Wedding Song on my Kleenex Box

I woke up today. I know, I was surprised too. Actually, my alarm went off at 8 am (and 8:15, as I\’m finding that one alarm is just not quite doing it!). I promptly turned them both off, decided that I wasn\’t going to do laundry today and went back to sleep. I woke up again at 9, when I thought that I would get up and go running and do laundry at home (as opposed to at Jenn\’s place, which is Oh-So-Far-Away). I turned that one off too and went back to sleep. Somewhere around here, I slept through her phone call. Yippee me. I then woke up later when the phone rang at 10. I got up and answered it, low and behold, it was my ill sister wondering where I was with my laundry. I told her that I wasn\’t coming. She asked if I would any way so I can play with Eli so she can sleep. I went and babysat The Monster (Hmmm… crabby much?) for an hour and a half so Jenn could catch some zzz\’s. I think it kind of worked. Anyway, Monster and I watched tv and ate cheerio\’s. I don\’t think that he likes water, but we had some any way. Maybe because it wasn\’t super cold and REALLY DOESN\’T TASTE LIKE ANYTHING!!! So we watched some teenage angsty type cartoons that were moderately amusing on teletoon. Eli just likes the pictures. I on the other hand, need something a little more stimulating… so we started watching Treehouse (which is the kids show here. It\’s really pretty good, actually). I was struggling with Monster for quite some time until Dan (Monster Sr.) called looking for Jenn. It\’s very strange being reffered to as \”sweetie\” by your brother in law. Yeah… who knew that someone besides your wife was going to answer the phone when you called home… Fun stuff. But he gave the the cheerio\’s idea, and for that I was thankful. It was funny, though, to watch him start to fall asleep in his highchair. I tried to put Monster to sleep before that, but he has his routine, and I just wasn\’t doing it. So after an hour of soother in – soother out – cheerio in – soother in… I took him downstairs to attack Jenn. Aparently, after I left, she put him to sleep and went back to bed for an hour and half. Good on her!

I did end up running today after all. Headwind. That\’s all I have to say. It\’s one of those kids of winds that you end up having to take 5 steps to get where 2 would have taken you on a non windy day. Although, it was warm enough that where there was no wind (aka, surrounded by Big Steel Fences) it was really hot and all you wanted was a tiny breeze to take away the sweat. Bah. But, I did about 7 Kilometers, and I feel pretty good about that. Plus, my knee\’s didn\’t hurt as much. My knee\’s don\’t hurt now either, but I feel more… aware… of them. It\’s weird. I hope that it\’s not windy tomorrow. I would love to attemp my 10 kilometers tomorrow. If I could do that, I would feel like a real machine! I will say, though, that my running has changed my gastrointestinal functions a little. Not badly, just different. Mer.

Grocery shopping this weekend!!! How sad is it when I\’m excited about grocery shopping, eh? Yikes. Serious yikes! Good food only, though. Yum. I want pasta and bread and rice and all sorts of carbs. But carbs are good for me… it\’s the fuel that my body needs…

Work is ever the same… although I don\’t get to play Big Important Letter Writter today. Today it\’s Cleaning Up Old Applications day. Which is fine. My list shrinks and I feel better. 🙂

Thats about it…