I Lost Everything: an Ode to Country Music

Today has been pretty non-eventful. Ok… somewhat eventful, but not incredibly action packed…

Today, we countered The Curse of Kevin, with the Vengence of Rob. Yes, that\’s right, Dean from the Bug Academy (or something) came and sprayed our apartment. Good bye insects. I just hope that he didn\’t do too good of a job and killed the cat. I\’ll find out when I get home, I guess. It was very interesting. Dean was strange, as I am now assuming all exterminators are. Classic example – the neighbour from \”King of the Hill\”. He\’s an exterminator, and he\’s just freaking psycho! Anyway, this is my theory: Extermination must pay well. You are surrounded by chemicals that are probably bad for you (hey – they kill bugs. I\’m sure that enough of it would kill you too!), and they have to wear really terrible suits that have reflective tape and stuff on them (just in case he might have to spray in the middle of the highway, in the middle of the night. You mean you haven\’t heart of the Midnight Tireeaters? What planet are you from?!?). He had a strange laugh, but a person can\’t really control that. I bet that every time he laughed, he cringed, and died a little inside. \”I\’m such a loser. Listen to my laugh! That will prove to you how much of a loser I am!\”. Not to be mean to Dean (ha ha ha… I get the poet award!), I\’m sure he\’s a great guy. In fact, he did a great job at our place. It smelled slightly off when I got home, but that\’s because he sprayed chemicals all over the place. He was able to identify the critter (grain beetles — apparently they like nuts as well as cereal and grains. They also adore cat food, and 10 of them will eat a piece of cat food in 2 days. That\’s super fast by the way. I mean, the cat food chunks are at least a million times their size. It was an experiment at the last place. Just don\’t tell Rob, he\’ll freak and think it\’s gross. It\’ll be our secret.). Where was I? Oh yeah. Dean, nice guy. Did a good job, I hope.

Went to Mom\’s while Dean was wreaking havoc on The Curse of Kevin. Rob and I were planning on going for a run, then soaking in the hot tub, but ended up having a nap. Yep. All morning, spent passed out. It was nice. Unfortunately, Tychaeus managed to attack mom\’s fake grass plant and ate some of it. He also proptly managed to puke it up… on the vinyl flooring, so at least it was easy to clean up. He\’s such a spaz, hissing and spitting at the dogs. They just want to sniff your butt, cat… relax.

I want to go running tonight, but if I were to say \”hey [insert any one\’s name here] I\’m going running at midnight by myself\” they would all collectively jump on me and be very mad. Like hornets. So I will have to wait until morning. *sigh*

I got a responce from the running room today. I am to ice my knee\’s for 7 – 10 minutes after every run, and do weighted quad squats to strenthen the knee area. I think that this is supposed to help my muscles absorb the shock instead of my joints… but we\’ll see how much it hurts.

I get to see my old friend Laurie on Monday. Every time that I talk to the girl, I want to get back into martial arts so bad. Just not at Temple Kung Fu. It\’s such a joke, from what she says is going on these days. No instructors, too many students… stuff like that. It\’s too bad, because you pay a lot of money to go. I\’m going to see her new house, and we\’re going to piddle around in the garden, and catch up. Maybe we\’ll take her dog, Druid, for a walk or something. It\’s likely that her cat will attack me. It\’ll be excellent. I\’m looking forward to it. It just means that I have to be up by 8am that morning. Oh well… That\’s all right. It\’s worth it.

I have been doing piles of \”You\’re Regected\” and \”You\’re Accepted\” letters at work today. It\’s fun. I feel super powerful. Like I\’m a big mighty person in the world of Agriculture. \”Ha ha ha… NO! You cannot apply for this program and receive thousands of dollars that you need! HA HA HA\”. Ok, if I got to make the decision, I would probably be a lot more lenient… which is why it\’s a good think that I\’m just the one writing the letters, not making the decisions.

Ok… Time to get back at it!

By the way, I have the cutest neopet in the world. Bruhahah. Take that!