That one Albino Hair that makes me think I\'m going white

I\’ve been thinking lately. I know, it\’s dangerous… but I\’ve done it. And I\’m still alive. And frankly, so are you. Whoo!

I\’ve decided that there is nothing that I hate more than packing. Packing for trips or vacations or moving, I hate it all. I especially hate the fact that I don\’t dust. I also hate dusting. I\’m hoping (yeah, here\’s to hoping!) that I will remember how much I hate dusting and therefore only have out things that are easy to dust. For example… Very little nicnacks. Which shouldn\’t be that hard as I\’m giving most of the ones that I have to good will. Not that I don\’t like my nicnacks, it\’sjust that I want to change my decor colours again. Yay for burnt red. Or red so deep that its nearly black. I\’m looking forward to it. Not so much to the moving part. Mer. In less than 24 hours, I shall be moved and in my new suite, hopefully unpacking.

I think I\’ve figured out why I miss sex so much. I don\’t think that it\’s the act that I miss so much (although it was darn fun), but the spiritual bond that\’s created after. While my life is ducky, and Rob and I are about as intimate* as we can be, I still long for that completion of myself that sex brings. Ah well. I am (generally) content to wait for marriage, as I don\’t want to have to go through that bonding then breaking up thing. It\’s not something that I generally dwell on, but I was thinking about how frustrated I have been lately and why that was.

* When I say intimate, I\’m not meaning sexually. I mean emotionally intimate and close, the kind of closeness that brings similar thoughts without even having to speak them sometimes. Anywhoo.

Speaking of sex, why is it that we have to define everyone by their gender? I know that to a certain extent, the English language is engineered this way. For example, \”do you see that guy in the yellow shirt\”. One could not say \”do you see that yellow shirt worn by that blonde who is male\”. If that was said, the person that you were talking to would then think that you were talking about the shirt, not the person. Now, if you were just to say \”do you see that person in the yellow shirt\”, it is not enough information to narrow the selection down in a group of people. On the other hand, it is more likely to say \”female soccer player\” as opposed to \”soccer playing female\”. I guess that it would be nice if people were more concious of how they identify each other, it would do a lot for gender equality.
Don\’t get me wrong. I\’m not big into the whole dismissal of genders and gender roles. I think that [for the most part] there are specific [for most people] roles that the want/need/should play according to their gender. For example, some women excel at being a mother and homemaker, while some men prefer to have the opportunity to bring home the bacon. I will conceed that every one is an individual, and that not every person fits into said roles. I do, however, believe that people are on the same playing field intellectually regardless of gender. Not every one is as smart as the other person, but that has no basis on gender. I also don\’t really believe that boys are better at math and girls are better at arts.
Ok. Long rant about that.

Seeing as how packing is completely mindless, this is what has happened… I think about everything that I could possibly think of.

So I\’m selling my car. Yeah, Lanfear is going bye bye. Looking forward to it, though. Especially since that means that \”John\” will go away. So, I\’m sleeping thursday morning. My phone rings at 5:45 am. Yes, I\’m not joking. This guy name John who I can barely understand in my sleepy stupor (plus the fact that he has some sort of super thick accent that makes him sound like he\’s talking through a mouthful of phlegm) calls about my car. He\’s very excited and wants to see it right away. At this point, I already have a semi-set deal worked out with a guy named Tyler*. So I tell him that I have an offer on the car, and I\’m waiting until friday to see if it goes through. I told him that I could call him back then if he wants to leave his number (aka, I\’m trying to get off the phone and back to la la land as soon as possible). He insists on seeing it, so I give him the address of where its parked. He\’s finally satisfied, gives me his phone number and we say good bye. I, at this point being fully awak, have a hard time getting back to sleep. Finally, I sleep more until Rob arrives. Rob and I went about our day, until John phones again. From a payphone. I would bet all the canadian tire money in the world that he called from the payphone across the street at the Macs. He was insistant that he wanted the car. He must have the car. He wanted to give me cash right then. Oy vey. You need to ask me about Mr. John next time we talk in person, as the impression is much more concise when I\’m talking and you can hear me. I still told him No, that I was honouring my earlier agreement, but that as soon as I heard from Tyler, I would call Mr. John back and let him know if it\’s sold or not. When I got home from work last night, There were ten messages on my machine. Most were hang ups [ok, mini rant here: Why in all of the world can people NOT hang up during the message? Why do they have to wait for the end, then hang up, so I can listen to your tv for 3 seconds 10 times??? arg.], then one was \”hello, it\’s John, heard that you called about the car, please call me back\”. Best believe that I\’m not calling him until I have the money in my hot little hands, saying that \”no it\’s sold, go away\”. The guy is like a fat kid on cheeseburgers.


*Tyler is your typical backyard mechanic kind of guy. I would much rather give my baby to someone who I know is going to fix it and drive it and keep it, rather than some schmoe who\’s just going to do the minimal things to it and sell it to some poor unsuspecting person who thinks that the car is in perfect condition. Secondly, Tyler seems a little down and out. I know how that goes. I know what it\’s like to be excited about a car that\’s cheap, that looks good and that he can fix up. I\’m way more comfortable with this sale then with selling it to John.

As I mentioned before, I am now in love with Neopets. I have a cute little red Wockey (think cat) named Tychaeus. Yes, I have a virtual pet named after my real life pet. I never claimed to be normal. Anyway, I have just realized how attached I am getting to my pet. Considering the feeling of distress that I get when I get to the store and I try to buy something and then they show the little picture of my dear little Wockey crying. Oh… the sorrow. I think it would probably be a good idea to stop while I\’m ahead… but I can\’t. Yikes.

On another note: I sold my nitemare scarf on gaia for 55000gold. I\’m quite proud of myself. Although, I did buy an emo bag, that I am trying to resell (in hopes that I could get more for it than I paid for it… I know, I\’m a dork), so my cash is lower than I would like, but still over 20000gold. All is well on the gaia front. I even have really cute hair right now. Plus, I got a fox tail, and the kitty band/tail set. Whoo!!

Ok, I just dropped off my resume for the Drought Assistant/research position within my division here at work. It would be nice to get the job, as it would be a daytime position. I can\’t complain about that! Also, Rob\’s mom submitted a resume for me at the Cross Cancer Institute, which would also be a cool job. We\’ll see if anything comes of it. Plus, I hope that they decide whether or not they are going to have programs here, so I know if I really need to be looking or not. Either way, I can\’t complain with a day time job.

Ok. I\’m going to do some work now, as that\’s what I\’m getting paid for!!!