Ok. I know…

… it has been a horrendously long time since I\’ve updated. I apologize.

Anyway, this is how things are for me right now…

I\’m feeling a little crazy and under the gun as I move on Saturday, and I\’m barely packed. Yikes. I\’m sure that I will be fine, but right now, I\’m feeling a little distracted by it.

I really like the new place, though. Rob and I painted it – it used to be that horrid apartment yellow (you know, it\’s not white but it\’s not a good shade of offwhite either – it\’s more yellow. If you come over, you can see the closets, as they are not painted) but now it\’s a lovely shade of white, plus 2 walls that are a taupe-brown colour. Very designer 🙂 Painting went really well, as we had lots of help. Side note: Rob\’s dad (God love the man) is a painting nazi. It\’s so funny. He likes to be in complete control of what he does… so don\’t try to paint on his wall, he\’s done it just so, and would like to continue doing it so. He did a great job, so I\’m not complaining, it was just funny. We also changed the switches from the ugly off white (aka brown) ones to pretty new decora ones. A huge improvement. The only bad thing was that mark forgot to split one of the circuts in the kitchen and blew the main breaker… which we don\’t have access to. So we had to call the landlord (and Rob got chewed out many a time) and have them flip the breaker back on. That was on Sunday… the power STILL wasn\’t turned on when I was there today at 1pm. Hopefully Rob had better luck when he went there this evening. We\’ve been praying pretty hard about that. I\’m just glad that I hadn\’t moved in yet, nor had I had food in the fridge. Oh well.

We\’ve totally been running a lot more this past week. I\’m up to running for about 15 minutes straight without stopping to walk, and I feel pretty good about that. Our runs are usually about 5 – 6 Kilometers in length, and usually take about 30 minutes total. Which is pretty good, I think. There\’s a really nice rievine (sp?) by my new place which is so much fun to run on. It\’s really quiet with a gravel path. Carolyn, you\’ll have to come try it out with me some time (even though I know that you\’ll whomp my bum… it\’ll still be fun).

I\’ve also been recently addicted to neopets. What was I thinking. I knew that it would be bad news if I went there, now I\’m a little obsessed. Oh well.

I\’ve been on my period for the past couple of days and kind of grouchy! I feel really bad, because Rob is getting the brunt of my anger, and he really shouldn\’t be (although, from what he says, he hasn\’t really noticed… hopefully it will always be like that!!!).

Today is a no-sweets day. I\’m almost all of the way through it. Unless you count the booster juice that I had today, but I don\’t, so there.

There\’s a guy who might be buying my car on friday. It looks pretty for sure, and I hope that it goes through. I would really really really like to pay my brothers back and not have to think about that any more. Then I can get some more house things and maybe some running clothes. My pants are getting too hot, and my shorts keep riding up on one side. I have to change my stride so it\’ll fall down before my cheeks start to show! Eeep! It\’s just dang irritating. So I\’m thinking about getting some running shorts/pants/bra/top stuff.

So yeah. There\’s your update… now the rest of you who don\’t update, you should!!! 😛