Quick Update

Been a little crazy, so fast update for you:

+ Looking for a new apartment
– Havent\’ found one yet
– Packing sucks… and I haven\’t really started yet!
+ Went to the Zoo on Saturday with Rob, Tricia and Shawn (Rob\’s sister and brother in law)
+ Went for a long run on Saturday
+ Visited with Dad and Donna on Saturday. Rob spent a long time with Dad in the basement. Was starting to wonder if he would survive!
– Probably moving the last weekend of the month (when my lease is up) so I don\’t know if I can go to lethbridge this month (don\’t worry Hanna, I\’ll confirm everything up with you soon).
+ Went to a new bible study last thurs. Didn\’t like it, probably not going back
– Have to go back to the Doctor as \”problem\” from earlier came back
+ Leaving my old sucky neighbourhood and all associated memories behind!

Well… I\’m sure that there is more, but I\’m at work and don\’t have time to write anything else right now. I might give you a better update a little later.